The SNSD CF Song Ranking Party

The SNSD CF Song Ranking Party

20150717_seoulbeats_snsd_hahaha The SNSD CF Song Ranking Party Written by Gaya On July 16, 2015 When news came out that SNSD was filming a MV in Thailand for this years comeback, fans were excited. We thought that this was a sign of SM putting actual effort into promotions, and a chance to see the members of Girls Generation out in the real world!

However, when the MV itself was released, there was a feeling of being shortchanged. If the awkward intro in the plane hadnt given it away, the ending with the Thai Airways and Silvadee Resort logos definitely should: wed just watched a four minute-long commercial for Thailand. Well, first class flights to Thailand and a resort beach and rec room, at least.

Though the setting may feel like a compromise, there are still a lot of positives to from this: SM has someone else picking up the tab; the sponsors got valuable exposure; the members got a working holiday, and we got a very pretty MV.

And other endorsements by idols have led similarly delightful results, even on the music front. Big Bang and 2NE1s Lollipop was very popular when it was released, while the Shinee and f(x) version lives in my iTunes library. There are also other CF songs that are a lot of fun to listen to, regardless of what theyre spruiking, or being used to spruik.

I always felt that was an important distinction to make; because, surely, songs made for a CF isnt going to be as good as a song made for an album and that just happens to be used for a CF. I mean, sponsors just want a catchy jingle, and would probably not want to spend their money on having better quality music than necessary, right? But the more I thought about it, the more I questioned whether this was in fact true. So, I decided I should try and find out.

Basically, I went through every single CF a SNSD member has done, taken the songs from these endorsements, and ranked them. Simple. I expected that the songs made for CFs would be at the bottom, while the songs not made with the intention of being used for an ad would rise to the top. As my results show, this wasnt

Below are the conditions I used to select songs and rank them:

a) Any song used for an endorsement with at least one SNSD member counts. Yes, even Jessicas stuff from when she was still in the group.

b) No pre-debut CF songs But there arent any anyway, so were good on that front.

c) No jingles. A song needs to be at least two minutes long to count.

d) Each song will be judged on its musicality; MVs and other accompanying visuals will not factor into the rankings.

Honorable mention: Goobne Song (Goobne Chicken)

You can here a more continuous (and slightly updated) version in this video, made during the groups 2011 campaign with Goobne.

#15: Seohyuns The Magic of the Yellow Ribbon with Kim Hyun-joong (The Face Shop)

Whatever your opinion on Kim Hyun-joong after he was outed as an abuser, it is important that we evaluate his artistic works on their own merit, and not bring in our own prejudices. And my evaluation of the full song is that Kim Hyun-joong sounds like crap, because he is a (woman-bashing) piece of crap. He also drags down Seohyun who sounds delightful Until you get to that god awful chorus.

#14: Yoonas Eco Song (Innisfree)

Yoona is inoffensive in this song for the Korean skincare brand, but the cheap synths arent what Id call Eco friendly. A cute, bouncy tune with earworm qualities is an advantage when it comes to CF songs, sure. But, Innisfree, would it have killed you to get an acoustic guitar instead? You know, real (or real-sounding) instruments that would align better with the fresh, natural feel this campaign is going for? And no, the random dramatic violin in the middle-eight doesnt count.

#13: Hyoyeons MAXSTEP with Younique Unit (Hyundai)

Who remembers this mess? But lets face it, Specialist H.Y. saved this noise with her rap breakdown. Who would have thought that a SNSD members rapping could have made a song even marginally better? Hyoyeons dancing also helped pull the boys into line and sync better; and we got to see the Soshi Dancing Queen hit those harder moves like we know she can.

#12: Samyung Ramyun (Um, Samyung Ramyun)

This qualified because it is over two minutes, but it is still a two-minute jingle; nothing more. That said, I could really go some ramyun right about now

#11: Yoona, Yuri and Seohyuns Cabi Song with 2PMs Taecyeon, Nichkhun and Chansung (Caribbean Bay)

This right here is the very definition of guilty pleasure: a nonsensical plot about hot, angsty and financially stable youths entering a fan-servicing training regime to become lifeguards at a theme park is overlooked because, gosh darn, do these idols look hot.

It succeeds where Co-ed Schools Too Late fails, by not taking itself too seriously. This is lampshaded when Yoona and Taecyeon dissolve into giggles after their extended angst-off. But, Im ranking this on music, not iconic status; and the song is let down by the flat whatever you want pre-chorus and an adlib at the end that is autotuned to high heaven, for no good reason.

#10: Jessica, Tiffany and Seohyuns Mabinogi (Its Fantastic) (Nexon)

I love the strains of Eastern strings in the chorus, and the strains of rock guitar peppered throughout; but it just ends up crowding the OST-standard melody. For those interested, there is an OT9 (sob) version as well.

#9: Visual Dreams (Intel)

This little ditty has a cute chorus, but it is disjointed overall. The talk rap happening in the verses kills the flow, and there is no transition to the Taeyeon-Jessica-Tiffany breakdown. Not to mention the fact that the dance line gets totally shortchanged, not even getting the easy talking lines. They have to share the chorus while the vocal line gets the lions share. Just like the choreography and outfits, it all feels a bit lazy.

That said, the Robotaki remix can get into my core anytime.

#8: Jessicas My Lifestyle (ft. Dok2) (Hyundai)

Two other songs were part of the PYL campaign with SM and Hyundai: one was a BoA song, the other a solo from Jessica. My Lifestyle is cute and I made it her unofficial anthem during Sicagate; but even I, a big fan of Jessicas voice, will readily admit that she sounds particularly nasal and annoying in this song At certain parts. Its not for the whole song! But the chorus, especially, does suffer from shrillness. Maybe if Dok2 was in the song more, it could have helped offset some of the teeth-on-edge feeling you get when listening to the song.

#7: Party (Thailand)

This is a fun summer tune, but ultimately goes nowhere; just like the MV. Its a decent pre-release track and on-trend with the deluge of summer releases happening right now; but the truth is thatsave for the exciting shopping list of alcohol (Lemon soju! Tequila! Mojito!)the song is not very memorable, with the visuals appealing much more.

#6: Vitamin (Vita500)

This song may be found in 2011 album The Boys, but Vitamin debuted earlier that year as part of a campaign for the Vitamin C drink. The members got their faces on the bottles and everything! (See above)

Vitamin does come off a tad overproduced (as is the most of that album, to be honest), but that shouldnt distract from how well the song flows. That quiet moment as the middle-eight starts works perfectly in a song that is so bright and brassy, while the adlibs during the second verse add a touch of much-needed softness.

#5: Galaxy Supernova (Samantha Thavansa Jeans)

Oh boy, can you believe this situation? I seriously did not expect this song to end up so high on my list. I think the violin-like synths in the instrumental were what did it: they were something different that caught my attention. I also appreciated the use of lower registers during the verses.

As for that chorus: wow, does it stick in your head! Unlike Party, where I end up launching into California Gurls instead, there is no confusing this song with any other.

#4: Ha Ha Ha (Samsung)

The official MV and full-length video above dont show it, but a guerilla airport performance reveals that this song is for a Samsung initiative. One of the big pluses of this song is how some of the members get to sing in a lower register; this isnt something many girl groups, including SNSD, dont get to do, so its really nice to hear Tiffany and others sing in a more comfortable range.

The big minus, though, is that the song gets repetitive real quick. Thats great for drilling the name of the Samsung campaign into listeners minds; but not if youre trying to take it seriously as an actual song rather than an extended jingle; or wondering what on earth youre doing watching all these SNSD CFs on YouTube; or what the hell Samsungs Ha Ha Ha campaign was even about (it was to lift moods during the Global Financial Crisis, apparently).

#3: S.E.O.U.L (Seoul Song) with Super Junior (Seoul)

Love Actually is the order of the day in this MV, as romance blooms between the SNSD and Super Junior members in London Seoul. The song itself could almost be dismissed as yet another saccharine OST-like song; but what sets it apart from other similar tunes is the energetic tabla, which keeps the tempo up and our brains awake without overpowering the melody. The vocals are also a highlight, with Taeyeon especially sounding wonderful.

#2: Chocolate Love (LG)

Another fan favourite! The retro-inspired version of Chocolate Love fit SNSDs light and feminine image, but it also gave us a taste of the dark side with sultry vocals and distortion of the original brass sample. Easily one of the groups sexiest songs.

#1: Find Your Soul (BladeSoul)

Used for the promotion of Chinese MMORPG BladeSoul, the Korean version of this song, called Soul, is found on the Mr. Mr. mini-album. During that comeback, a lot of fans believed that Soul should have been the title song, and its not hard to see why. The song has a great energy to it. The electric guitars give the song character, and even the rap managed to not ruin the flow.

And that is my ranking! I did not expect S.E.O.U.L and Galaxy Supernova to be so high on my list, but there they are.

Think the ranking should be different? Then, by all means, let us know how you would rank these songs in the comments below!

(Forbes, Tumblr, YouTube[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11][12][13][14][15][16]. Images via: SM Entertainment, Vita500)


CNBlue beats SNSD to the top ranking on Music Bank

CNBlue beats SNSD to the top ranking on Music Bank

CNBlue beats SNSD to the top ranking on Music Bank

The band CNBlue (composed of Jung Yong Hwa, Lee Jong Hyun, Kang Min Hyuk, and Lee Jung Shin) topped the rankings for the first week of February in KBS 2’s Music Bank.

In the live episode of Music Bank that aired on February 1 at the new open hall of KBS building in Yeoido, Seoul at 6:00 p.m., the band’s number “I’m Sorry” appeared at the top of the rankings in K-Chart.

CNBlue was nominated for the top ranking with SNSD. When the rankings were revealed by the end of the episode, all members showed excitement.

After they received the award, the member Jung Yong Hwa said, “We thank our agency, and our dear parents. Especially, we love our fan club whom we’re the most grateful for.” Another member Kang Min Hyuk added, “I’m thankful of all the members. I hope the world tour 2013 will have a good wrap-up.”

The episode also featured performances by Sistar 19, SNSD, Super Junior M, Nine Muses, Moon Hee Joon, Bae Chi Gi, and 2BiC.

Source: Starnews


Girls' Generation's(SNSD) Popularity Continues to Shine, 'High Ranking on Gallup Korea'

Girls' Generation's(SNSD) Popularity Continues to Shine, 'High Ranking on Gallup Korea'

Girls Generation, TaeTiSeo, SNSD

Girls' Generation's(SNSD) Popularity Continues to Shine, 'High Ranking on Gallup Korea'

According to Gallup Korea, Girls' Generation ranked number 2 for 'artist who shined in 2012' with 19.8% of the votes. Psy placed first and Big Bang third.

There were 4,157 participants for this poll, ranging from 13-59 in age.

It seems that Girls' Generation gained the most votes from the participants ranging in the 20s age group.

Their unit group, TaeTiSeo's song, "Twinkle," won 4th for best song as well.

This poll shows the group's continuous popularity as they did not do any Korean promotions this year.


Girls' Generation (SNSD) Sooyoung Adorable While Bobbing her Head to 'Twinkle'

Girls' Generation (SNSD) Sooyoung Adorable While Bobbing her Head to 'Twinkle'

Girls Generation, SNSD, Sooyoung

Girls' Generation (SNSD) Sooyoung Adorable While Bobbing her Head to 'Twinkle' Girls Generation (SNSD) SooyoungIn an online community recently, a short video showing Girls' Generation (SNSD) member Sooyoung bobbing her head to TaeTiSeo's song "Twinkle" drew attention.

The video shows a short video clip from the popular tvN drama "The 3rd Hospital" that began airing last month. The drama features the neurosurgery department in a hospital where a rivalry between western and eastern medicine exists.

People in the online community who saw the video clip responded with comments like, "I hope there are a lot more scenes like this" and "Drama featuring Girls' Generation definitely stands out above all other dramas."

The video clip may be viewed at


SNSD Tiffany and Sooyoung's Friendship Picture, Winking

SNSD Tiffany and Sooyoung's Friendship Picture, Winking "Even When Hidden, I Twinkle, What Should I Do~"

Girls Generation, SNSD, Tiffany, Sooyoung

Tiffany and Sooyoung revealed a picture of their friendship.Tiffany and Sooyoung revealed a picture showcasing their friendship.

Recently, on an online community board, a picture named "Tiffany-Sooyoung's Friendship Picture" was uploaded.

Tiffany recently changed the profile picture of SNS 'UFO Town.' In the picture, they are seen standing close to each other.

In the picture, Tiffany is sticking her lips out and Sooyoung is seen winking.

Internet users who saw the picture of them commented, "They are both cute and pretty," "They look really close," "Even when hidden, they twinkle."

Previously, a picture of Soyoung and Tiffany was revealed in UFO Town in July and attracted attention.


Girls' Generation (SNSD) Airport Fashion, 'Twinkle from Head to Toe'

Girls' Generation (SNSD) Airport Fashion, 'Twinkle from Head to Toe'

Girls Generation, SNSD, Taeyeon, Yoona, Seohyun, Sunny, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Tiffany, Jessica

Girls' Generation (SNSD) Airport Fashion, 'Twinkle from Head to Toe' hdgGirls' Generation's Taeyeon, Yoona, Sooyoung,Seohyun, Sunny, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Tiffany, and Jessica showed superior airport fashion while returning to Korea from 'SM TOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR III in Tokyo'.

Girls' Generation showed complete looks with every detail of accessories, enough to make the phrase 'Airport fashion = Girls' Generation'. The eight girls showed eight completely different yet perfect looks, attracting much attention.

Yoona wore a leopard style sleeveless shirt with black shorts. Unlike her usual calm and innocent look, she showed a sexy look on this day with dark eyeliner.

Sooyoung wore a shirt with a mini skirt that revealed her body line, a rather sophisticated airport fashion. Her bag and shoes were matched to black.

Tiffany wore a dress with white dots, cardigan, and flat shoes. The general tone was navy blue, giving a cool atmosphere.

Seohyun wore a striped button-up shirt with flat sandals, going for a sexy look.

Jessica wore an unbalanced dress with white sneakers, and Hyoyeon wore a deep-cute white shirt with denim shorts.

Yuri wore a boxy white t-shirt with baggy pants, going for a comfortable look. And lastly, Taeyeon wore a boxy black shirt with the same color shorts. She wore yellow sneakers on this, adding to her cuteness.


SNSD TaeTiSeo Seen As Judges of 'Super Star K 4', Army Soldiers Scream 'Twinkle!'

SNSD TaeTiSeo Seen As Judges of 'Super Star K 4', Army Soldiers Scream 'Twinkle!'

TaeTiSeo, Super Star K, Taeyeon, Tiffany, Seohyun, Mnet, SNSD, Girls Generation

SNSD TaeTiSeo Seen As Judges of 'Super Star K 4', Army Soldiers Scream 'Twinkle!' safdTaeTiSeo participating in "Super Star K 4" was revealed.

In the pictures that Mnet revealed today of "Super Star K 4," TaeTiSeo was in it, catching the attention of many fans.

In the picture, TaeTiSeo (Taeyeon, Tiffany, Seohyun) are sitting next to Lee Seung Chul and other judges, smiling at the contestants of "Super Star K 4."

Taeyeon is wearing a white mini dress with a cushion on her lap, and Tiffany is wearing a blue sleeveless dress. Seohyun is wearing a white dress as well, showing off her beauty.

This picture was much more meaningful because it was held in the army base. When TaeTiSeo came out as judges, the soldiers screamed in joy.

Photo Credits: Mnet


Girls Generation (SNSD) TaeTiSeos Twinkle Crowned Queen for First Half of the Year

Girls Generation (SNSD) TaeTiSeos Twinkle Crowned Queen for First Half of the Year

Girls Generation, SNSD, TaeTiSeo, Twinkle

Girls’ Generation (SNSD) TaeTiSeo’s “Twinkle” Crowned Queen for First Half of the Year TaeTiSeo Attends Mnet 20's Choice AwardsPopular girl group Girls' Generation's first unit TaeTiSeo was crowned as chart queen in the first half of the year.

Korean music site monkey3 collected the data of streaming and downloaded music from January 1 to June 20 and released the artist ranking from 1st place of TaeTiSeo to Big Bang, T-ARA, SISTAR, and includes Busker Busker in the top.

Single "Twinkle" that swept various music charts grabbed the top spot of monkey3 for four consecutive weeks, recording an explosive number of streams in a short amount of time. Trio unit of Girls' Generation consisting of Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun revealed their powerful vocals, stylish fashion and performance showed off the changes of Girls' Generation member.

T-ARA took second place with a small difference with "Lovey Dovey." T-ARA last year drew a retro wave with "Roly Poply" once again released another hit sensation proving their strong popularity with "Lovey Dovey."

Big Bang left a strong foothold with an explosive comeback with fifth mini-album "Alive" grabbed third and eighth place with "Fantastic Baby" and "Blue" respectively flaunting the group's overwhelming popularity.

SISTAR stood strong in fourth place in the first half of the year with their title song "Alone."

Busker Busker fighting the fierce idol competition stood out with song "Cherry Blossom Ending" ranking at fifth place. Other songs from their 1st studio album like "First Love" and "Yeosu Night Sea" ranked high on music charts becoming the biggest issue maker in the first half of the year.

The top ranking songs included drama OST's as well. Such as Lyn's "Back In Time" grabbed sixth place for "The Moon That Embraces the Sun" starring Kim Soo Hyun and Han Ga In.

Taeyeon of Girls' Generation ranked tenth place with "Missing You Like Crazy" for "The King 2 Hearts" starring Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won.

As a female solo artist rookie Ailee took seventh place with debut single "Heaven," while sub-unit of BEAST's Jang Hyunseung and 4minute's HyunA ranked ninth with title song "Troublemaker."

monkey3 Top 50 chart of the first half of 2012 can be viewed through their website.


Girls' Generation (SNSD) The Only Korean Artist in Japanese Karaoke Ranking

Girls' Generation (SNSD) The Only Korean Artist in Japanese Karaoke Ranking

"Girls generation" "SNSD" "Koraroke" "ranking"

Girls' Generation (SNSD) The Only Korean Artist in Japanese Karaoke Ranking

Girls' Generation has shown unchanging popularity in Japan.

Japanese Karaoke Enterprise Joysound UGA announced '2012 the first half year Karaoke ranking.' Girls Generation was placed in 23rd in all song ranking with 'Gee' and the only Korean singer in top 30s of the generation chart. In the Korean songs ranking, 'Oh! (Korean ver., 3rd)' 'Gee (Korean ver., 5th)' 'The Boys (7th)' 'Kissing You (Korean ver., 16th)' 'Into the New World (Korean ver., 17th)' and so on, 5 songs of Girls Generation were placed within top 20.

On the other hand, KARA placed 1st in the Korean songs chart.

Girls' Generation (SNSD) The Only Korean Artist in Japanese Karaoke Ranking


TaeTiSeo (SNSD) Tops May's Gaon Chart with 'Twinkle'

TaeTiSeo (SNSD) Tops May's Gaon Chart with 'Twinkle'

TaeTiSeo, gaon chart, taeyeon, tiffany, seohyun, snsd

TaeTiSeo (SNSD) Tops May's Gaon Chart with 'Twinkle' TaeTiSeoGirls' Generation's first unit group TaeTiSeo set a record-selling album with Twinkleas it ranked #1 on Gaon's monthly album chart.

According to Gaon chart on June 8, TaeTiSeo's mini album Twinkle topped the monthly album chart by selling a total of 139,388 copies in May. Also, Twinkle has taken 1st place on the digital comprehensive chart for May placing them 1st on both the offline and online charts.

JYJ XIA's first solo album Tarantallegra was placed 2nd selling 122,000 copies, and next runner up at 3rd on the May chart was INFINITE with their third mini album INFINITIZE which sold 88,284 copies at a surprising rate.

Busker Busker's songs have surpassed 13 million downloads, and their first album has sold 32,838 in May alone totaling their sale to 104,180 copies.