TWICE's 'TT' Is Now The Most Viewed K-Pop Girl Group MV Of All Time

TWICE's 'TT' Is Now The Most Viewed K-Pop Girl Group MV Of All Time

TWICE just got another achievement by being the most viewed K-Pop girl group MV of all time. TWICE’s song “TT” beat Girls’ Generation’s “I Got a Boy.”

TWICE’s “TT” was released in 2016. With the Halloween concept, the girls showed their cute expressions in the MV. The song is about the girl having a crush on a boy but she has no confidence to confess her feeling. She ends up crying because the boy has no idea about her feeling.

After its release, the song “TT” got the fastest K-Pop group MV to reach 100 million views, AllKpopreported. Right now, the song gets over 189 million views and the number is still increasing. Beating Girls’ Generation’s “I Got a Boy” released in 2012, TWICE’s “TT” is now the most viewed K-Pop girl group all oftime, Pop Crushreported.

Even though there are some fan wars between ONCE and SONE for TWICE’s achievement, but mostly everyone congratulates TWICE. Meanwhile, TWICE will have their comeback this May. They have released some teasers for their title track “Signal.”

For the current teaser, JYP Entertainment dropped two video teasers for “Signal.” In the first video, everyone was shocked with Dahyun’s hair, AllKpopreported. Her hair was a mess and it was different from other girls.

In the second video teaser, Nayeon’s hair also got much attention because it was different from other girls. TWICE will have a comeback on May 15 with the song “Signal.” Fans are curious to see the super power concept chosen for this comeback.

Besides making a comeback in May in Korea, TWICE also plans to have their debut in Japan. But there is no certain date yet for their debut. TWICE is getting more popular with their unique concept and nice songs. Their comeback in May is highly anticipated by ONCEs.

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