TWICE’s new concept for ‘Signal’ criticized for being too similar to EXO’s concept

TWICE’s new concept for ‘Signal’ criticized for being too similar to EXO’s concept

TWICE is being accused of copying EXO’s concept. 

The girl group is getting ready to make their comeback with ”Signal”, and for the new release, they took on a unique concept in which each member is given a supernatural power. 

Nayeon and Jungyeon have the super power to control time, Dahyun has the power to duplicate her body, Sana can turn invisible, Jihyo has x-ray vision, Mina can hypnotize, Tzuyu has extreme strength and Momo has the power of speed. 

TWICE has turned into supernatural figures from outer space for ”Signal”. 

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Netizens agree that TWICE’s new concept is indeed very unique, however, not very original. Many are claiming that their concept is greatly similar to the concept of EXO. 

In 2012, EXO debuted with the concept of supernatural powers and it is known to be their signature concept til this day. 

Regarding the similarities between TWICE and EXO’s concepts, netizens commented, “Why is JYP doing this..”, “EXO fans have the right to be upset”, “I’m not a fan of both groups but you know you automatically think of EXO when you think supernatural powers…”, “Wtf, please stop copying their supernatural power concept”, “We need feedback from JYP.”

On the other hand, some netizens stated, “I don’t think this is worthy of controversy. Their style doesn’t really overlap”, “It’s not like EXO created the supernatural concept. I don’t understand what the big problem is”, “I don’t see the issue at all. EXO are not real aliens or really have supernatural powers, and they’re not the creators of the concept so… Is there a reason why other groups can’t do this? People are overreacting.”

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