TWICE’s Dahyun didn’t know who J.Y. Park was?

TWICE’s Dahyun didn’t know who J.Y. Park was?

TWICE’s Dahyun revealed a hilarious story involving J.Y. Park on the May 20th installment of JTBC’s ‘A Hyung I Know’.

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Dahyun gave the ‘A Hyung I Know’ members a pop quiz question, asking, “What is the answer I gave to J.Y. Park when he sent me a message on KakaoTalk?” She explained, “I received a message asking, ‘Dahyun, what would you like to eat – Japanese food, meat, Beijing duck, or Italian food?'”

Apparently, she was caught off-guard by the message as Dahyun revealed, “My response was, ‘I’m sorry. Who is this?'” The TWICE member explained she hadn’t known her own agency head’s phone number, and he simply replied, “JYP…”

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