TWICE try eating the smelliest food in South Korea

TWICE try eating the smelliest food in South Korea

TWICE tried fermented skates on ‘Baek Jong Won’s Top 3 Chefs’.

The food of the day on the May 19 episode was fermented or rotten skates, which is known to be the smelliest food in South Korea. 

The members of TWICE took turns taking a bite of the fish. Jungyeon smiled after a bite and said, “It’s good” while Nayeon started to gag. Momo seemed to be enjoying the fish as she put a thumbs up but soon expressed shock at the bizarre taste. 

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Jihyo tried the fried fermented skate which is known to have an even stronger taste. She couldn’t even properly chew at first but after a couple bites, she said, “I think it’s okay now.”

Tzuyu also took a bite but couldn’t take the taste for long. She started choking and commented, “It tastes like hair dye.”

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