TWICE to appear on this week’s ‘Oppa Thoughts’!

TWICE to appear on this week’s ‘Oppa Thoughts’!

TWICE will be appearing as guests on ‘Oppa Thoughts’ on May 27!

With their quick rise to stardom, TWICE has gained much attention over the last few years. However, even with their high popularity overall, they mentioned during their recording for the show, “Many are aware of the group TWICE but tend to mix-up the members”. To help clear up the confusion, each member displayed their individual talents.

In addition, theTWICE members took part in creating their own “TWICE Song” MV in order to spread their name further and reach wider audiences with the help of the ‘Oppa Thoughts’ production team.

To check out TWICEand their much anticipated MV, tune in on May 27!

‘Oppa Thoughts’ is a new program that helps guests garner new fans and promote their name by creating advertisement material with the MCs and panelists.

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