TWICE thank their fans in summer pictorial with ‘@star1’!

TWICE thank their fans in summer pictorial with ‘@star1’!

TWICE recently sat down for an interview with ‘@star1’slatest June issue, where they talked about their new album ‘Signal.’

Member Tzuyu commented on the group’s strong bond.”I’m really glad I am a TWICE member. There are times when we do get into an argument but we never fight. We talk it out afterward. TWICE make a really good team,” giving a thumbsup.

Mina gave a shoutout to theirofficial fan club, saying, “ONCE created TWICE. It may seem like a passive remark but it is because of ONCE that we are here today.”

Lastly, Momo shared her thoughts on the group’s comeback, with,”It is such an honor to perform ‘Signal.'”

Fans can read more on TWICE’s interview and summer photoshoot when ‘@star1’s newest edition hits newsstands on May 22!

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