TWICE Scrutinized For Imitating EXO's Concept For 'Signal'

TWICE Scrutinized For Imitating EXO's Concept For 'Signal'

The hit K-pop girl group, TWICE, is in for a swarm of hate comments as they are accused of blatantly copying EXO’s concept for their latest single, “Signal”. TWICE is busy preparing for their latest comeback recording entitled, “Signal”.

The concept of “Signal” is similar to EXO due to the fact that each member of the girl group is given their own supernatural powers. According to All K-pop, Jungyeon and Nayeon have the super power of controlling time, while Dahyun has the super power of duplicating her body.

On the other hand, Jihyo has her own x-ray vision, while Sana has the super power of invisibility. Meanwhile, Mina can hypnotize anyone; Tzuyu also features superhuman strength, while Momo has the super power of speed.

With this, one can clearly see how TWICE transforms into supernatural idols that came from the outer depths of space for their latest EP recording, “Signal”. According to another report by All K-pop, netizens from around the world can’t help but criticize the group for clearly imitating the supernatural concept of EXO.

Whichever the case is, there is a possibility that TWICE has indeed imitated the concept that EXO is best known at. However, it might just be that everything is just a coincidence, knowing that the K-pop industry is composed of many artists and idols and that it is because of this that the tendency of overlapping concepts and ideas is high.

This is because EXO has debuted in the world stage in 2012, where supernatural powers were assigned to each member. Up until this day, they are still known for this signature conceptual theme.

However, the fans of TWICE defends the girl group saying that they didn’t really imitate EXO’s concept. Their fans argue that EXO wasn’t the first one to create the concept of supernatural K-pop idols. With all of these being said, it would be better if everyone would just wish TWICE the best of luck in their newest EP, “Signal”.