TWICE Members Fall In Love With Fan At Fansign Event

TWICE Members Fall In Love With Fan At Fansign Event

After meeting a young fan at their latest fansign in Gangnam, the members of TWICE couldnt help but fangirl over how cute he was. 

TWICE was met with an adorable surprise when a toddler showed up at their fansign event for their latest album Signal. 

Upon seeing the young boy bravely come up to them to have his album signed, the girls couldnt stop themselves from reacting to his cuteness.

The girls are known for their love of babies, and they couldnt hide how much they loved interacting with their young fan.

After talking to the young boy, Nayeon explained to fans that he was attending the event with his sister, who was right behind him in line. 

All the members had a great time talking to their two young fans, who seemed to really enjoy the experience. 

While the kids went to the event to see TWICE, it almost looked like TWICE were the fans.

Some of the members couldnt even wait their turn. 

Even after talking to little fans, the members couldnt stop fangirling. 

And while the young boy left with a signed album, Jihyo left with a souvenier as well.