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SHINee′s Minho has gained the victory over U-Know Yunho of TVXQ

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SHINee′s Minho  has gained the victory over  U-Know Yunho of TVXQ

-- The results of our Rap God Battle are in!

And it looks like SHINee′s Minho can hold onto the title.

Minho beat TVXQ′s U-Know Yunho with 75.6 percent of the votes, leaving Yunho with the remaining 24.4 percent of votes.

Keep dibidibi-ing, Minho!

TVXQ Loses to UV with Metal Bar Wrestling on 'God of Victory'

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UV, TVXQ, MBC, God of Victory

TVXQ Loses to UV with Metal Bar Wrestling on 'God of Victory' TVXQ Loses to UV with Metal Bar Wrestling on God of VictoryIdol groupTVXQ lost to UV during the metal bar wrestling battle.

On October 14, TVXQ and UV battled against each other on MBC "God of Victory."

Their battle category was metal bar wrestling. Out of the 500 people, only 11 people chose UV's side. However, only 2 of them believed that they would actually win.

However, UV won all 3 rounds of the gas, shocking everyone in the audience.

The rest of the details on this battle will be revealed on October 21.

It's TVXQ's Day As They Appear On "God Of Victory" "Running Man" "Gag Concert"

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TVXQ, Running Man, Do Dream, Gag Concert, God of Victory

TVXQ officially started their entertainment activities.TVXQ officially started their entertainment activities.

Recently, TVXQ came back with their 6th album's song "Catch Me." They are not only active on stage, but they planned to meet with viewers through various entertainment programs.

TVXQ has recently appeared as mentors on the KBS 2TV "Do Dream." TVXQ will start appearing in various entertainment shows starting on Sunday. After their stage on SBS"Inkigayo" on Sunday, the results for their battle with UV will be revealed on MBC's "Sunday Night- God of Victory."

They will appear in the popular program SBS "Running Man," with actress Moon Keun Young and they will also appear on KBS 2TV's "Gag Concert." They will be acting with comedian Shin Bo Ra in the "Discoveries Of Life" corner. It was known through SNS, that they will be sharing physical contact with Shin Bo Ra and this raised anticipation.

Yoo Se Yoon’s strength wowed TVXQ’s Yunho on ‘God of Victory’

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Yoo Se Yoon’s strength wowed TVXQ’s Yunho on ‘God of Victory’

UV‘s athletic abilities have astonished many people, including TVXQ‘s Yunho .

TVXQ and UV were invited to appear on MBC‘s ‘God of Victory‘ as guests where Yunho and Yoo Se Yoon were given a challenge to make the opponent fall using only legs when climbing on a pull up bar.

In response to Yoo Se Yoons declaration of his certain victory, Yunho stated, “Even the monkey Yoo Se Yoon has his days where he’d fall from the bar. That’s going to be today. I’ve never lost in a pull up bar battle.

Yunhos victory on the bar over the muscular Kim Jong Kook seems to make everyone on set think that he could double his victory this time. However, Yoo Se Yoon proved the audience wrong once the battle started, saying, “Yoo Se Yoon has surpassed Kim Jong Kook. My mind is currently blown.

Catch the program on the 14th to get yourself updated with the full results of all the matches.

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TVXQ in Tears for 'God of Victory'

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TVXQ, Changmin, Yunho, MBC, God of Victory

TVXQ in Tears for 'God of Victory' TVXQ in Tears for ‘God of Victory’TVXQ recently were seen in tears during the filming of MBC's "God of Victory."

In "God of Victory" TVXQ competes against UV in various different games.

The game that drew the most interest was to see who will cry first. The winner is the groups that will have all the members cry first.

UV shared that Yoo Se Yoon known as the crybaby is in a good mood these days," worried that game causing the audience to laugh.

Yunho around the curiosity of the viewers by sharing, "I can tear up easily as my heart is full of sorrow."

The production staff even prepared special effect to make it difficult for them to become teary, however it was said TVXQ and UV members remained calm and cool. Yunho was said to have continued to be in tears as he became immersed completely in his feelings.

The episode featuring TVXQ and UV will be broadcasted on October 14.

TVXQ sheds a shower of tears on God of Victory

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TVXQ sheds a shower of tears on God of Victory

TVXQ recently shed a shower of tears while shooting MBCs variety show God of Victory.

On the show, TVXQ competes against group UV by playing eight games in total. One of the games is to see who will shed tears first.

UV says that Yoo Se Yoon, who has become an icon of tears, is in happy mood these days. So he says that he is worried about the game and this makes the audience laugh.

Yunho makes the audience hard to guess who will win by saying, I can shed tears very well because I lead a life full of tears and regrets.

Even though the production crew prepared special effect to make it hard to shed tears, TVXQ and UV members remain calm and cool. Yunho, in particular, continues to cry because he was totally immersed in his feelings.

The show, in which TVXQ and UV appear, will air on October 14 at 5:10 p.m.

'God of Victory' TVXQ Vs. UV, Who is the Winner?

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God of Victory, TVXQ, UV, MBC

'God of Victory' TVXQ Vs. UV, Who is the Winner? God of Victory TVXQ Vs. UV, Who is the Winner?TVXQ and UV have begun their battle on "God of Victory."

Yesterday on MBC "God of Victory," TVXQ and UV's battle was pre-recorded.

The two teams entered the room with their own styles. UV came out dancing to their song, "Itaewon Freedom" while TVXQ came out with their own solo dance moves.

The two teams also wore black suits to show their seriousness of the battle.

The two teams battled with basketball free throws and as the game progressed, the audience and the MC's alike were on the edge of their seats with this close game.

This pre-recorded episode will air in October.

MBC ‘God of Victory’: TVXQ vs UV coming up

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MBC ‘God of Victory’: TVXQ vs UV coming up

The battle of TVXQ vs UV will be airing on upcoming episode of MBC‘s ‘God of Victory‘.

On September 11th, the filming of this episode took place at the Goyang Gymnasium in Gyeonggi-do.

Most recently, several photos taken on the set were revealed and quickly became hot topic online.

TVXQ and UV battled it out for ten different rounds to distinguish the superiority. 2,000 lucky audience members had a chance to watch their thorny match.

During the basketball game in the first round, TVXQ member Changmin scored an amazing shot and immediately called as an ‘Ace’ of basketball. However, at the end, the game became more complicated when Changmin mistakenly scored a goal for the opponent.

Meanwhile, God of Victory is a TV show motivated by HaHa vs Hong Chul competition that was shown in Infinity Challenge, and different rivals will be competing against each other for 10 rounds.

TVXQ to cpmpete against UV on ‘God of Victory’

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TVXQ to cpmpete against UV on ‘God of Victory’

TVXQ have been confirmed to against another duo, UV, on MBC‘s ‘God of Victory‘.

‘God of Victory’ is a TV show motivated by ‘HaHa vs Hong Chul’ competition that was shown in ‘Infinity Challenge’, and different rivals will be competing against each other for 10 rounds.

The production team of MBC TV’s ‘God of Victory’ recently announced that the two duo groups, TVXQ and UV, will have a major battle to distinguish the superiority. The shooting will be conducted on September 11 and the competition subjects were not decided yet.

The game show features two teams fighting each other over a variety of events, and whoever wins a majority of the events win. Furthermore, the ‘God of Victory’ team started taking applications for audiences of the competition. Fans can apply on the official website of the show from August 29 and the person who guesses the winner correctly will receive a big gift.

In other news, the upcoming September 2nd episode of ‘God of Victory’ will feature a battle between first generation idol group Shinhwa and beastly idol group 2PM.

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5 Myths About TVXQ’s Changmin Debunked

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5 Myths About TVXQ’s Changmin Debunked It is a unhappy day for Cassiopeia and Bigeast round the world, as their liked duo’s 2d half, Changmin, enlists in the military. Changmin of TVXQ has built up a impressive 12-year profession since his debut in 2003. all the manner through that time, he picked up a couple of nicknames and stereotypes along the way, some of which stuck around although he’s grown out of them. Today, in honor of his leave for the following 21 months, I would love to spend a while debunking most of these myths.

1) He simplest knows how to scream

Changmin is almost certainly best possible known for his atypical prime notes. He indisputably knows how to scream, and it’s a commonplace occurrence for him to head on a show, and they ask him to demonstrate his high notes.

Unfortunately, that perpetuated the rumor that he can’t do anything else else with his voice. at the contrary, Changmin has an incredibly original and flexible vocal color, and it shines thru most sensible in the decrease vocal register. His song “Rise as One” is a great example of that.

His new eastern solo album “Close to You” could also be stuffed with beautiful, comfortable ballads that exhibit his mature vocal tone and technique.

2) He isn’t a excellent dancer

Changmin had never danced ahead of signing with SM Entertainment. The dance a section of his audition consisted of “military claps,” and even if he debuted, lovers had begun to note that he was once awkward as he danced. When TVXQ reformed as a duo, Changmin changed into scrutinized even extra as he was now paired with Yunho, well known for his dancing prowess.

However, eventually, the tall, lanky Changmin started to grow into his body, and with challenging work, Changmin advanced so much, now with excellent command of the stage!

3) he's at all times serious

TVXQ has been keeping up a gentlemanly, senior-of-the-industry symbol for reasonably some time now. As such, maximum in their concerts consist of charismatic vocal and dance performances. Even on form shows, it’s transparent that their function isn’t to make laughter. In particular, Changmin used to be very shy, and he is an excessively considerate speaker. On account of that, It’s simple to mistake him for being serious all of the time. However, he is anything but; he is your conventional fun-loving 20-something-year-old who has these days been appearing more of that aspect of himself, even on stage!

4) He and Yunho don’t get along

This is a rumor that was quite prominent after the reformation as duo. With this large change, Changmin and Yunho’s dynamic was on the slicing board, and their dating was scrutinized with microscopes. Changmin and his bandmate Yunho even admitted later on that once they first have become a duo, they argued over the total lot from toothpaste to shoes. When they determined to reside apart, the rumors won even more momentum.

However, unfortunately, their other heartwarming comments about each and every other are ignored, adding Changmin’s comment, “I may just only come this a ways thanks to Yunho, and because he’s there, I can be ready to move further. We are hooked up by potential of a thread that may never be damaged called TVXQ,” and Yunho’s comment, “I used to liken Changmin to a brother, a member, a spouse that I’m married to… yet now, i suspect he’s more like any other edition of myself. I see anyone I recognize in him. In its place of treating him like a partner, I’d like to mention that he is mine.”

Although Changmin was continually the youngest, he frequently spoke his brain and treated his older individuals comfortably. Because of that, he was normally classified “evil” and “disrespectful.” He is maybe some of the first members to earn the “evil maknae” title.

However, he’s potentially the idol with one of the most important hearts. In 2008, he had a small holiday in Korea after a hectic promotion duration in Japan. in its place of resting, however, he joined his father in a secret volunteer effort to wash up a enormous oil spill crisis in Tae An. He was discovered out by a fan who took place to recognize him, but he is understood to volunteer secretly on a standard basis.

Not only that, but Changmin chose to enlist previous than his required year, reportedly turning down solo task opportunities so as to continue on as TVXQ with Yunho. His loyalty and love for the ones around him are extraordinary, and really, he’s anything but evil.

Changmin enlists to the army as component of the conscripted police force on November 19. Unfortunately, we can be without TVXQ for a while. But i believe we can sit up for a new and improved Changmin and also TVXQ when they go back — till then, we'll wait patiently.

kiddy_days is a Soompi creator who is a long-time fan of TVXQ. She desires Changmin and Siwon a secure provider full of nice folks and experiences.