tvN speaks up about the Chinese version of ‘Reply 1988’

tvN speaks up about the Chinese version of ‘Reply 1988’

After word about a Chinese version of ‘Reply 1988’ stirred up online communities, tvN spoke up to address whether or not the copyrights to the 3rd of the ‘Reply’ series has been sold. 

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tvN stated, “We have no record of selling the copyright to ‘Reply 1998’ to a Chinese broadcasting station. We are disappointed to hear that a similar program is in the works.” 

Earlier, Chinese media outlets reported that a new Chinese series by the name of ‘We Are Adolescents’ will be the “Chinese version of ‘Reply 1988’.” The series will reportedly air some time this December via ‘Anhui TV’, and will take place in the 1980’s, telling the stories of the youths of the era, centering around families and neighbors. 

While CJ E&M, the owner of the copyrights to the ‘Reply’ series, has yet to make an official stance on the matter, they have expressed their disappointment at the news.