Triple H talk about their debut + comparisons to Trouble Maker

Triple H talk about their debut + comparisons to Trouble Maker

Triple H shared about their uniqueness in ‘Ceci’.

The new co-ed unit with HyunA, rookie boy group Pentagon’s Hui, and E’Dawn was recently formed by Cube Entertainment in celebration of HyunA’s 10th anniversary.

Hui and E’Dwan shared their excitement and passion for Triple H’s debut. E’Dawn stated, “Even before we were confirmed to promote (as a new unit), we talked a lot with (HyunA) sunbaenim about how to go about with our music, concept, visuals, styling, etc. The first thought I had in mind was that I don’t want to become a harm to sunbaenim but now I’m just really excited and think it’ll be fun.”

Hui also said, “It’s overwhelming but also grateful. It’ll be a lie if I say I don’t feel any pressure. I will work my best and I want to show a new side of me as Triple H’s Hui.”

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Triple H has been frequently compared to Cube Entertainment’s first co-ed unit Trouble Maker with HyunA and Hyunseung. HyunA shared thoughts on this topic and said, “Everything has a unique color of its own. Triple H has a has a chic color. I participated in album producing more than before and put extra care into it. Hui and E’Dawn are filled with talent compared to their (little) experience so we have a great synergy.”

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