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Korean poetry translated into English

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Korean poetry translated into English

Until the early 20th century, many Korean aristocrats often wrote poetry in classical Chinese characters, including many sijo, a standardized form of poetry. Chinese versification was regarded as an important discipline for Confucian scholars and it was a channel of communication for academic information and opinions. Kim Jong-gil, an honorary professor of English literature and a poet, translated one hundred Korean poems written in classical Chinese, including many sijo. The collection, "Among the Flowering Reeds", was published in December 2002 by the U.S.-based White Pine Press. The book contains poetry from different eras in chorological order, from those by Choe Chi-won (857-?), a renowned scholar from United Silla (668-935), to the one by Hwang Hyon (1855-1910), an independence activist.

The poetry book "Among the Flowering Reeds" contains one hundred poems and sijo.

The following is a poem written by Joseon King Danjong (r. 1452-1455) after he was exiled to Yeongwol in Gangwon-do (Gangwon Province).

Since I left the imperial palace like a resentful bird, I have dragged my lonely shadow among blue mountains. I beg for sleep night after night, but sleep won"t come; year after year passes in grief, but the grief doesn"t end. Singing stopped, the moon is pale over the peaks at dawn;blood streamed, fallen petals are red in the spring valleys.When heaven is deaf to the song of a nightingale,why are a grieving man"s ears so keen? In this poem, King Danjong compares himself to a bird that is thrown out of the palace, flying from one mountain to another and singing all night long. The poem demonstrates the cruel reality and loneliness of the monarch, something which the king experienced firsthand. The bird in question is commonly believed to be a cuckoo bird. There is a myth about the ancient Chinese king Yu Du, who was titled Wang-di, of the Shu Han (221-263), one of China"s Three Kingdoms. He was defeated in war and died afterward, only to became a cuckoo bird. The cuckoo cries all night and its sorrowful sound stirs poetic inspirations. Thus, the cuckoo has appeared in many poems ever since. The following is a sijo by Admiral Yi Sun-sin (1545-1598). He wrote the poem while watching the sea off Hansan Island, what is now near Tongyeong, Gyeongsangnam-do (South Gyeongsang Province). Autumn light darkens over the sea;wild geese fly high in the cold air. As I toss about anxiously in the nightmoonlight catches my bow and sword. The sijo shows Admiral Yi Sun-sin"s determination and agony before going to war. The book contains a couple of poems by Hwang Chin-i, who was a gisaeng during Joseon times, a Korean version of a geisha. Hwang left many poems about love, which was considered a taboo subject in Confucian Joseon society. The following poem well-demonstrates the sorrow of parting and yearning. My wish to see you is fulfilled only in dreams;whenever I visit you, you visit me. So let us dream again some future night, starting at the same time to meet on our way.By Limb Jae-un Staff Writer [email protected]

FTIsland release tracklist for their 1st translated album "All About"

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FTIsland release tracklist for their 1st translated album

FT Island has revealed the full tracklist for their first translated album "All About".

The songs from their "Japan Best All About" album will be translated in Korean for their domestic fans. In regards to this, the tracklist has been listed as follows:

1. BE FREE (Lyrics by #ChoiJongHoon, #LeeJaeJin)

2. FREEDOM (Lyrics by #LeeHongGi)

3. Beloved (Composed by Lee Jae-Jin/Lyrics by Lee Hong-Gi, Lee Jae-Jin)

4. Shinin On (Lyrics by Lee Hong-Gi)

5. STAY (Composed by Choi Jong-Hoon/Lyrics by Lee Hong-Gi)

6. Morning Coffee (Composed and Lyrics by Lee Jae-Jin)

7. Last Love Song (Composed and Lyrics by Choi Jong-Hoon)

8. 오렌지색 하늘 (Composed and Lyrics by Lee Hong-Gi)

9. Beautiful (Lyrics by Lee Hong-Gi)

10. On My Way (Composed and Lyrics by Lee Hong-Gi)

Meanwhile, the songs will be released first digitally on October 2 while offline released of the album will be on 6th.

Source: FT Island Facebook

KARA's Han Seung Yeon: "I Am Not a Gundam Maniac"

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KARAs Han Seung Yeon: I Am Not a Gundam Maniac KARAs Han Seung Yeon recently denied that she was a Gundam fan. 

On March 18, Han Seung Yeon tweeted, Theres just one rumor Id like to point out for clarification. I am not a Gundam maniac. I havent even seen the entire anime series. The Japanese radio listeners do not have all the facts. I really am not a fan. When I was talking about my hobbies, somehow it became misinterpreted that I am a Gundam maniac.

KARAs Seung Yeon had recently been in Japan and mentioned anime in an interview, which unfortunately lead to the media perpetuating false information that Han Seung Yeon was an avid animation and Gundam fan. 

In related news, KARA will be promoting their 8th Japanese single Bye Bye Happy Days on March 27. 

ZE:A’s Siwan shows off his new Gundam toy

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ZE:A’s Siwan shows off his new Gundam toy

Gundams seem to be a trend among idols lately. ZE:As Siwan recently shared a photo of himself buying a Gundam figurine of MBF-P02 Gundam Astray Red Frame from the Gundam SEED Astray manga series, which some of you may recognize.

On February 27th, the idol updated his fans on Twitter with the above picture and the tweet, We will complete it by the end of today. Gundam, showing his passion for putting together Gundam models.

Fellow ZE:A members Minwoo, Hyungsik, and Heechul also came along for the ride, and they all look pretty satisfied with the purchase.

Netizens commented, Im Siwans Gundam proof shot, how nice, and I await to see the finished product.

In other news, Siwan is currently starring in the musical Amazing Joseph as the title character, alongside Song Chang Ui, Jo Sung Mo, and Jung Dong Ha.

PSY's "Gangnam Style" has been translated into 19 different languages

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PSYs Gangnam Style has been translated into 19 different languagesPSY's viral hit "Gangnam Style" has been translated into 19 different languages.

Global television site Viki - a website that shares premium entertainment content such as variety shows and movies - has revealed that PSY's "Gangnam Style" music video has been translated into 19 different languages.

With the help of many translators who volunteered, the translators took on the task to translate PSY's "Gangnam Style" in many different languages (see here).

Translations for "Gangnam Style" that or either completed or are in-progress include English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Bulgarian, Swedish, Italian, Indonesian, Ukrainian, Arabic, Chinese, Portuguese, Romanian, German, Korean, Thai, Russian and more.

Meanwhile, PSY's music video "Gangnam Style" has reached over 50 million views on YouTube.

Korean Cookbook - Translated in 10 Languages

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Korean Cookbook - Translated in 10 Languages

"Korean Family Foods" (Courtesy of the BOOKIE Publishing Co.)

When I saw Korea Tourism Organization's Facebook page, I jumped happily! They posted about a new released book of Korean Family Foods, and it is translated in 10 languages: English, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Mongolian, Thai, Filipino, and Indonesian. Oh, yes! Learning to cook Korean food will be so much more easier for foreigners.

The book was published by The Community Service Group of Daewoo Securities Co., Ltd. to introduce many kinds of food usually found in the table of Korean family. I believe this book will help many people around the world to learn and make their homemade Korean food.

The book consists of many types of Korean food ranging from kimchi, side-dishes (banchan), steamed vegetables (namul), soup (jigae), special food (such as bulgogi, samgyetang, galbi jjim) and snack (gansik). Beside that, this book also provide the readers with Korean culture of cooking, tips on how to make delicious soup stock, choosing right cooking utensils and tips on buying the ingredients.

I checked the book in Kyobo Bookstore website and found that the price is not too expensive, 12,000 won. And...I have sent to my husband the link of the book in Kyobo website, asking him to buy it for me ^^ Can't wait to serve Korean family food for my little family!



- You can read the original version here:

* This post is written by Dita Utomo, one of the Korea Blog's Worldwide Korea Bloggers.

Please contact us if you would like to order the book

Please indicate the language you would like

Literary masterpiece translated into English, Russian

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Literary masterpiece translated into English, Russian

"The Taeback Mountains", Jo Jung-rae's 1995 masterpiece and one of the classics of contemporary Korean literature is going to be published in English and Russian.

Linco Global, a London-based company specializing in editing, translation and publishing, announced last week that it has signed a contract with Jo to release his 10-book series in the two languages.

The firm uses "Knowledge Pen" as its trading name.

"'The Taeback Mountains' is a masterpiece that should win a Nobel Prize, but has not earned the international attention it deserves because it hasn't been translated into English", said company director Natalia Kovaleva in a statement.

"With this English publication we will let the international readership become informed about the excellence of Korean literature".

Over 7 million copies of "The Taeback Mountains" have been published in Korea, making it one of the country's bestselling novels of all time.

The marathon story's backdrop is early 20th century, which is little-remembered among the country's youth. It covers political events and zeitgeist on the turbulent post-war peninsula, including the Jeju Uprising of 1948.

French and Japanese versions already exist, and the Mandarin Chinese translation is also in the works by the Shanghai People's Publishing House.

The original has been printed by Hainaim Publishing Company since its first edition in 1995.

The prolific author has written two other multivolume novels, called "Arirang" and "Han River", which complete a trilogy with the "Mountains". They have also been bestsellers. He has written many short stories and novellas as well.

Best-selling children's novel to be translated into English

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Best-selling children's novel to be translated into English

"Leafie, A Hen Into The Wild",a best-selling Korean children's novel by Hwang Sun-mi, will be translated into English and published in the United States by Penguin Classics, the author's management agency said Monday.

KL Management, which handles the copyright sales of the novel, said Penguin Classics decided on Thursday to publish the English version of the novel in the United States.

The novel has been sold in nine countries including France, Poland and Japan. The Polish version of the novel won a Polish literary honor early this year, according to the Korea Literature Translation Institute.

The book, about the adventures of a mother hen who tries to escape the coop with her duckling son, was named the "best book of spring 2012" by, a renowned literary organization in Poland.

The novel was first released in South Korea in 2000, and sold more than 1 million copies domestically. Its animated film adaptation, which was released last year, made box office history in South Korea by drawing over 2 million viewers, the largest audience for a home-grown animated film in Korea. (Yonhap)

BIGBANG Releases Music Video for "BLUE" + Translated Lyrics!

BIGBANG finally unveiled its highly anticipated music video for "BLUE!" From Daesung's car accident to G-Dragon's use of marijuana, 2011 was a tough year for BIGBANG. However, they were able to overcome the hardships and returned as an even stronger team. 

Music and Lyrics by: TEDDY, G-DRAGON

Additional rap written by: T.O.P. 

When winter ends and spring comes, we wither

In longing, my heart is bruised

(I’m singing my blues) used to the blue tears blue sadness

(I’m singing my blues) love that I let go to the drifting clouds oh oh

Same sky, different place, it’s dangerous for us so I’m letting you go

From lovers to strangers. It’s cowardly, but I’m hiding because I’m worthless

No words, not even those made out of love, can comfort a cruel parting

This is probably the last melo in my life

I met you and loved you to death

My heart is stained blue and frozen, I can’t feel you even when I close my eyes

When winter ends and spring comes, we wither

In longing, my heart is bruised 

(I’m singing my blues) used to the blue tears blue sadness

(I’m singing my blues) love that I let go to the drifting clouds oh oh

It feels like my heart stopped, the war ended but you and I are still frozen in that place

The trauma is inscribed in my mind, once my tears dry, hopefully I’ll remember my love

I’m not in pain, I’m not lonely, happiness is simply talking to myself, and I can’t stand anything more complicated

I don’t care, I’m ok. People, who can’t do anything about it, wander here and there

I met you and loved you to death

My heart has stained blue and frozen, you left but I’m still here

When winter ends and spring comes, we wither

In longing, our hearts are bruised

I’ll fall asleep under the blue moon all alone again tonight

Even in my dreams, I’ll be looking for you, singing this song

(I’m singing my blues) used to the blue tears blue sadness

(I’m singing my blues) love that I let go to the drifting clouds oh oh

(I’m singing my blues) used to the blue tears blue sadness

(I’m singing my blues) love that I let go to the drifting clouds oh oh

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