Trainee involved in T.O.P’s marijuana case receives sentence

Trainee involved in T.O.P’s marijuana case receives sentence

Girl group trainee H has received her sentencing for marijuana use.

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Both H and T.O.P were found to have illegally smoked marijuana together on 4 different occasions in October of last year. On June 16, 22-year-old H was found guilty and sentenced to 4 years of probation under the ‘Act on the Management of Narcotic Drugs’ laws. She was also ordered 120 hours of drug counseling and given a fine of 870,000 Won (~$767.72 USD).

It was also found during court proceedings that H smoked marijuana 7 times from July to December of 2016 and taken LSD. The court stated, “The defendant was investigated for buying and smoking marijuana. In that situation, she repurchased LSD and marijuana… The defendant has admitted to her crimes and is regretting her wrongs.” H is reported to have been released in the same afternoon. 

In related news, T.O.P is currently recovering from his overdose of prescription drugs, which occurred soon after news of his marijuana use went public.

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