Train like a K-Pop star this Summer with S Kpop ’16 Chosen One’ Project

Train like a K-Pop star this Summer with S Kpop ’16 Chosen One’ Project

We have all had that moment when we sat and thought, “Hmm, can I be like a K-Pop star?”

In the end, it can be a lot of work but it doesn’t stop us from wanting to be just like our favorite K-Pop groups! Don’t just dance in front of your mirror and sing at the noraebang anymore! Now you (Yes, YOU!) can train and live like a K-Pop star thanks to S Kpop Edutainment’s ’16 Chosen One’ Summer Training Camp!

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Like the title suggests, S Kpop Edutainment has started the ’16 Chosen One’ project where 16 K-Pop enthusiasts will be selected to participate in rigorous K-Pop star training. While it does cost a pretty penny ($5,000 to be exact!) the 5-week training schedule includes the following:

-Korean Language Course

-Profile Photo Shoots (with hair and Korean makeup)

-Airport pick up and send off (Moms, don’t worry!!)

But most importantly, the 16 lucky guys/girls will be attending a final Recording Session at a professional studio with producers who have worked alongside artists such as SISTAR, 2AM, T-ara, Girl’s Day and even f(x)’s Amber! The participant(s) who surpasses their training will also have a chance at auditioning with an entertainment company! 

Already excited and ready to train? Check out the heart-stopping video below for more information.


This post is sponsored by S-Kpop Edutainment. 

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