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New Kpop Group Boys Republic Release Teaser For Debut Single ‘Party Rock’

Boys Republic


All new kpop group Boys Republic is definitely to watch out for in the Kpop scene. The group revealed some of their must see teasers for the music video of their single 'Party Rock'. 

Boys Republic is sure to capture every kpop fan because of their youthful approach and a boy next door image. The group is composed namely of Wonjun for vocals, Dabin an Ex-Touch member, Minsoo for rapping, Seungjun and Suwoon also in vocals. The group will also showcase their electrifying dance moves, upbeat sounds that would compliment each members vocal power.

Boys Republic trained so much and put their effort in becoming a Kpop group.  Their 2 years of intensive training and hard work is finally paying off because they are set to debut soon

2PM Taecyeon and Taiwanese Gui Gui: An Unforgettable (WGM-G) Wedding

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In the latest episode featuring 2PM Taecyeon and Gui Gui for We Got Married: Global Edition, the virtual couple got a remarkable wedding ceremony in Jeju Island. 

The two had a special wedding ceremony without the presence of anyone even their closest friends and relatives.  It was especially romantic for Gui Gui as she wasn't expecting having a wedding outside Seoul and it was a dream come true for her.

As the imaginary couple put their wedding bond rings to each other, they felt so happy and it was a touching moment for the both of them. Taecyeon was interviewed after the episode and he said that he'll never forget that moment, he also wanted to keep the ring and wear it just to let his friends know about the experience he had in the show

Baek Ji Young and Jung Seok Won Tie the Knot in Tears

Baek Ji Young and Jung Seok Won met the moment of their lives together as they made their promise of everlasting love.

On June 2, the couple held its wedding in Seoul. The tearful occasion took place with 500 well-wishers present.

The ceremony was officiated by MBC producer Kim Young Hee, whom Baek Ji Young came to know through I Am a Singer. Kim Sung Soo acted as the host of the event, and Sung Si Kyung sang Two People.

One source who had been at the wedding said, "Jung Seok Won first broke down. I was touched at how they wiped away each other′s tears."

Many stars were present to congratulate the couple on their new start.

The couple won′t be going on their honeymoon anytime soon due to Baek Ji Young′s pregnancy. She will concentrate on caring for herself and her baby for the time being

U-KISS AJ Returning To Columbia University, Back-to-School To Pursue Dreams

aj, u-kiss


In the following spring semester, U-KISS member AJ is going to be strapping on his backpack for his return to school at Columbia University. The idol has already once expressed how he was planning to do so in th future, and now he's finally making it happen.

But fret not AJ fans for the Ukiss member is planning to attend school without missing any of his idol activities. So you will be seeing AJ along with his books and his specs, reading in his spare time to complete his syllabus.

During his interview with Sports Seoul, AJ is very determined to get an A and increase his GPA for when he returns to school.

 "I don't want to give up my studies because of U-KISSactivities. I'm getting ready to achieve an A next semester, so I'musing all my free time to read

The Korean Tourism Organization Manila celebrated their 1st Year Anniversary!

The Korean Tourism Organization Manila celebrated it’s First Year Anniversary last May 30, 2013 at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza Hotel. The event was divided into two parts. In the afternoon, there was the ‘KOREAN MICE MARKET’ which was open to the public. MICE stands for Korea’s Marketing, Incentives, Conventions, and Exhibits Industry. Various booths featuring travel agencies and airlines were lined at the Mindanao Ballroom and Foyer. Cultural performances were showcased such as the Traditional Fan Dance and the Taekwondo Performance which captivated the audience.

In the evening, VIP guests, businessmen and various media and press representatives gathered for the ‘KOREA NIGHT’

New Albums And Singles Preview – 2013 June Week 1

Exo Vol. 1 – Xoxo (June 3)

01 Wolf
02 Baby, Don’t Cry
03 Black Pearl
04 Don’t Go
05 Let Out the Beast
06 3.6.5
07 Heart Attack
08 Peter Pan
09 Baby
10 My Lady
11 Wolf (EXO-K Ver)
12 Wolf (Chinese Ver)

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EXO has returned with their first album, “XOXO” which holds twelve new songs including the title track, “Wolf.” It is a dance number which incorporates dub step with hip-hop. This powerful track holds lyrics about the famous European fairy-tale.  Other songs in the album are “My Lady” and “Baby Don’t Cry” which were previously released in teaser video performances before the boys’ debut.

Rainbow Vol. 1-2 – Rainbow Syndrome: Sunshine (June 4)

01 Kiss Me
02 Sunshine
03 Don’t Touch
04 Let’s Dance
05 I’ll Wait
06 Eenie Meenie Minie Moe
07 Chewing Time

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Rainbow releases part two of their first album, “Rainbow Syndrome: Sunshine

[Star of the Week’] 2NE1 CL’s Baddest Proclamations

2NE1 leader CL is all about solidifying her status as K-Pop’s baddest female through her solo track The Baddest Female, but K-Pop fans know she’s been bad for quite some time now.

But in case you need proof, we dug up a few tracks, from 2NE1’s hits to a few lesser known gems, to see where else CL has proclaimed her famous title.

Rose (2013)

CL is the baddest female, and she wants you to know it wherever she goes.

Before making her solo debut with The Baddest Female, CL made an appearance during Lee Hi’s performance of Rose on SBS’ Inkigayo as “CL, the baddest dame,” putting a classy spin on her famous title.

Every rose has its thorn, indeed.

Can’t Nobody (2010)

Rose is more recent, but we know CL has been claiming to be bad for a while now

2NE1 Promises Better Dance Moves For June Comeback

2ne1, dara, bom, minzy, CL

2NE1 sure does know how to handle the pressure of being one of the popular Kpop girl groups. Being competitive is the secret to surviving Korea's music industry.

2NE1 members Dara, Bom, Minzy, and CL are set to comeback by surprising their fans with new moves. As CL, 2NE1 leader, got the most attention from netizens when she debuted her first solo track, 2NE1 still has the support of their fans as a group.

YG Entertainment, agency of 2NE1 revealed that the choreography of the group was done by a renowned Japanese choreographer who flew in and taught the girls their new moves, He also make sure that the layouts on stage will be perfect for 2NE1's comeback.

2NE1 still have some finishing touches made for their choreography to make sure it would bring satisfaction to every Blackjack

Five Fun Facts About Moon Chae Won


Moon Chae Won

As Moon Chae Won is considering whether or not to take a role in theupcoming drama "Green Scalpel," you may want to know more about thistalented and dedicated actress. Here are five fun facts.

1. Although she enjoys performing in historical dramas, she considers them a challenge.

"Since I'm a person of the present, it's not easy and having a command of the old language is difficult," said Moon.

That's not to say that she didn't work hard in the historical dramasshe appeared in. For her role as the sole lead female character, Ja Inin the film "War of Arrows," she took riding lessons and studiedarchery. Her dedication to that character won her Best Newcomer awardsin both the Grand Bell Awards and Blue Dragon Film Awards.


MBLAQ Sexy and Exotic For ‘Sexy Beat’ Teaser Photos

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MBLAQ launched another photo teaser which featuring their individuality