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Boys Republic reveals 1st teaser feat. Suwoong

Set to debut soon, Boys Republic has begun revealing teaser videos for their debut single "Party Rock."

Boys Republic is a five member boy group consisting of members Wonjun (Vocals, '88), ex-Touch member Dabin ('92), Minsoo (rapper, '93), Seungjun ('92), and Suwoong ('95). After training for two years, the group will now be debuting with their self-produced single. The group is a collaboration between Happy Tribe Entertainment and Universal Music.

They were first revealed after having been chosen to represent Jeju Air even before debut. Two of the group's members, Minsoo and Seongjun, were then shown through dance practice videos with 3DCOLOR choreographer and dancer DOOBU.

The new boy group will be debuting with "Party Rock" on June 5th.

What do you think of the video teaser? Will you be anticipating their debut?

Source: BoysRepublicOfficial

Shinhwa Gives Hefty Bonuses to Shinhwa Company Staff

Keeping their promises, no matter how light, the Shinhwa members gave bonuses to 60 members of the Shinhwa Company staff.

On May 27, Shinhwa gave bonuses to all employees of Shinhwa Company, from representatives to the youngest hair stylists and dancers.

Each person was given the same amount regardless of position, surprising the staff. The individual amount has not been mentioned, but the total is said to equal to tens of millions of won.

Shinhwa Company’s CEO, Eric, recently promised that if Shinhwa wins on May 23’s broadcast of Mnet’s M COUNTDOWN, he would give all the staff members bonuses.

Not only did Shinhwa win on M COUNTDOWN, the group also took the number one trophy for MBC’s Music Core as well.

“Honestly, when he said he would keep his promise, we thought he meant a large get-together of staff, but we never imagined he would express his sincerity like this,” said a Shinhwa Company employee

Super Junior Shindong Leaves Radio Broadcast Due to High Fever, ‘Sungmin-Eunhyuk-Donghae Take Over’

Super Junior, Shindong, Sungmin, Donghae, Eunhyuk

Super Junior Shindong Leaves Radio Broadcast Due to High Fever, 'Sungmin-Eunhyuk-Donghae Take Over'

Super Junior Shindong had to leave his radio broadcast early due to a high fever.

Members Sungmin, Eunhyuk and Donghae temporarily took over his radio show for him.

Today during Shindong's show, he suddenly had a high fever which made it hard for him to continue his broadcast.

He asked his members if they could finish up the show for him due to his condition.

Although the members were busy with their individual schedules, they all still showed up to help their member. They were able to see the group's close friendship through their actions.

The radio staff were also touched to see the members come and help finish up the show

Lee Seung Gi Thanks ‘Gu Family Book’ Staff with Jackets

It seems thatpizza was not enough to express his love as Lee Seung Gi gifted the staff and cast of MBC’s Gu Family Book with brand new jackets.

During a recent shoot of Gu Family Book, Lee Seung Gi gave personally chosen jackets to all 150 staff members. With current weather conditions being extremely irregular, Lee Seung Gi decided to present the hardworking staff with windbreaker jackets, which he is currently a brand model for.

Lee Seung Gi even signed the pouches the jackets come in, adding a nice touch to the present.

“I was really surprised to see Lee Seung Gi’s signature on the pouch,” said a staff member. “He never loses his smile on set and makes sure the atmosphere is positive, so we were very touched to know he’s always thinking about the staff.”

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Kpop Group TOUCH Coming Back Via Japan Single Release



Kpop group TOUCH debuted in October 2010, and is giving Kpop another try byway of Japan.  They are composed originally of 7 members when they debuted withtheir single "Me"  on M! Countdown.  Two of their members departed the group dueto some career changes.  Now, the rest of the group are back to release anofficial single for their Japanese fans.

Touch is composed of Kanghyun the rapper, leader Chulmin, Sunwoong andSungyong for vocals, and Jaewook which is a new member in the group. The groupis making their Japanese debut soon. Their official website in Japan releasedupdates on the group's agenda and it was confirmed that their single will bereleased in early September

Commenting on their concert, CNblue say, “We will always be waiting here.”

 Lee Jong Hyun, a member of the idol boy band CNblue (Jung Yong Hwa, Lee Jong Hyun, Kang Min Hyuk, and Lee Jung Shin) gave his thoughts on the group’s concert with a picture tweeted on May 26,  with the caption: “Hello. This is Jong Hyun, the guitarist. We thank you for making this a wonderful night. We will always be waiting here. Come see us at any time.” In the photo, CNblue members are huddled together in front of the camera, wearing black T-shirts with the title of the concert, Blue Moon, on them. The group members seem to be cheerful about the great time they had with the audience.


Seeing this photo, netizens reacted: “The concert was frantically entertaining. It was the best!” “I was touched.” “I was there, too.” “Thank you for making a wonderful night

MYNAME Heats Japan at First Solo Concert with 8,000 Fans

MYNAME, Concert, Japan

Group MYNAME heated up Japan with their first solo Japan concert.

This will be the group's first solo Japan tours since debut. This tour, titled, 'Departure', met with a total of 8,000 fans and held a successful first Japan concert.

They started their Japan tour on May 18 in Osaka and continued on to Nagoya on May 19, Tokyo on May 25 and completed their tour.

Their album that they released in Japan in March ranked number 3 on the Oricon daily and weekly chart and showed off their rising popularity in Japan.

They sang their song, "We are the Night" as well as other hit songs from Korea for a total of 22 songs. They showed off an extravagant stage as they sang a variety of different genres and showed many sides to the group

Girls Generation Tiffany Becomes Elle Korea’s Newest Cover Model For June

Tiffany, Girls Generation


Girls Generation member Tiffany looks young and vibrant as she takes on a photo shoot with Elle. Tiffany also revealed her beauty secrets and some make-up skills for her Elle interview.The June issue magazine soon to be released has Tiffany as the cover model. The photos are stunning because of Tiffany's transformation from lovely girl to young lady. In her interview which will be featured in the magazine,Tiffany revealed her own beauty rituals.  She stated that no matter how tired she feels she makes it a point to cleanse her face thoroughly and she almost have 4-5 different skin care products to maintain her facial needs specifically moisturizers. She also categorized body products depending on those with scents and for moisturization.

Tiffany also said she is the one who does her make-up but praises co-Girls Generation member Taeyeon and Jessica for having a great skills in putting make-up

Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung Writes a Long Message to Fans Before Her Drama Airs

On May 26, Sooyoung posted on Girls’ Generation’s official homepage, “thump thump~ It’s not long before the first episode airs and am nervous! Even though it’s not my first time [acting], I get a little nervous whenever a teaser or advertisement is released [from 'Dating Agency: Cyrano'].. everyone also shares the same feelings, right? Even so, got strength from seeing members who made time from their scheduled activities in Thailand and foreign Sones.”

She went on, “We also received loads of rice, mangoes and dog feed from various countries at the press conference. Thank you so much. I’m really touched. I’m receiving strength from your sincerity.”

“I received the script several months ago while on tour and tried to prepare in my spare time, but I feel like I’m lacking much

2PM Goes Nautical For Vogue Korea

2PM, vogue photo shoot, sailor outfit


2PM fanatics surely will enjoy the upcoming June issue of Vogue Korea featuring Hottest band 2PM. With their image as beastly K-pop group, 2PM transformed into the lighter side with the release of their album GROWN. Another evidence of their smoother images is this upcoming Vogue spread were they are portrayed as sailors with a sexy touch concept.



2PM's has a wide cover in the magazine's pages and their softer side are being expressed through the angles of their shots. It depicted a casanova image off for a summer trip and features them with casually simple looks which added to their charms.The boys are open book during the interviews and revealed some changes that was happening to their group in the past 2 years