BEAST Unearths They Are Not  In touch With Former Member Jang Hyunseung

BEAST Unearths They Are Not In touch With Former Member Jang Hyunseung

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterWith the unencumber of their third album HIGHLIGHT, BEASTs promotions for it has began in earnest where in a contemporary interview, they printed their presentprestige alongside former member Jang Hyunseung.

The crewlately conducted several interviews with the media, statusin combination equally a five-member community for the primary time following the leave of member Jang Hyunseung in April. The 2 parties had parted because ofingenious differences with Jang Hyunseung who prefer more intense and strong-like songvery an identical to his solos and Troublemaker music releases.

During the teams interview with Sports Today, BEAST revealed their uneasiness of marketing as a 5-member organization as Jang Hyunseungs presence was oncemoderately large. However, the group revealed they've put 100% into their 5-member group comeback so as to fill that presence as best possiblethey could also beready to with the assistance of their staff.

In regards to keeping in touch with Jang Hyunseung, they confessed to have no longer kept in touch with him ever since he officially left, yet added, We wish him the best, encouraging lovers to continue to give a spice up to him in his long term endeavors.

Meanwhile, BEASTs group release has shown to be a hit as they completed an all-kill fame for their track Butterfly.

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"Doctors" Park Shin-hye's before-touch-up photo

Park Shin-hye in the SBS drama "Doctors" as Yoo Hye-jeong was oncenoticed in behind-the-scene cuts.

She turned into spotted in the midst of an ad for the logo Bruno Magli. Unlike her Yoo Hye-jeong character, Park Shin-hye gave the impressionfemale and innocent.

Park Shin-hye's hair is styled with see-through bangs and she's dressed in red lipstick. She's also wearing wide pants and a crop most sensible that emphasizes her small waist.

The actress has been modeling for Bruno Magli for three years now. She has just rightpower and it appearsit issimple to paintings alongside her.

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gugudan Make a touch in Their Debut Song Video Wonderland!

gugudan Make a touch in Their Debut Song Video Wonderland!

Jellyfish Entertainment's first lady groupgugudanhave made their debut!

gugudan membersHana,Nayoung,Mimi,Soyee,Sejeong,Haebin,Sally,Mina, andHyeyeonshow their graceful charm in their track video'Wonderland', which used to be released on July 28 at 12 A.M. KST.

Advertisement'Wonderland' is an upbeat track with cheery vocals.The music video remains true to the theatre theme. gugudan were adorable as they ready for their functionality of 'Wonderland', which I agree withturned intoprimarily based off of the storyThe Little Mermaid.

Although cutesy ideas do no longerin particularclutch my attention, I did revel in the song, most commonlyon account of the vocals. gugudan's voices harmonize smartly together, and I felt that their voices are stable. The 3 voices that stood out to me the maximum belong to Soyee, Nayoung, and Sejeong! Soyee and Nayoung's voices have a warm tone, and Sejeong's prime notes were well supported and clear! Overall, gugudan's vocals are adorableand i'm interested to look how the womenexpand musically over time.The video took me back to school when I might see plays wearby way of my classmates! I'mcertain gugudan made a laugh memories whilstrunning on their first act together! What are your mind on gugudan's debut?

gugudan's mini album'Act. 1 The Little Mermaid'is also to be had and has five tracks: 'Wonderland','구름 위로','Good Boy','일기 (Diary)', and'Maybe Tomorrow'. Have you listened to the album yet? If so, what is your favourite song?

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Police touch Park Yoo-chun's 5th victim

Police touch Park Yoo-chun's 5th victim

While Park Yoo-chun is being investigated for four accounts of rape, the police are seeking to get involved amongst the 5th victim.

Seoul Gangnam Police stated, "According to the media, we heard that there could be a 5th victim. We will ask for cooperation to the media in the day".

Previously, a media reported that there used to beany otherladybut even so the 4 who claimed to had been raped through Park Yoo-chun.

This woman stated in an interview, "The songbecame loud and every person was having a wonderful time when Park were given up and said he had anythingto inform me so I followed him to the bathroom".

"He then put his hand in my garments and I used to besurprised and so I refused him. He was under the affect of alcohol and he said, "I know you favor me" and more or less made it appearmoderate for himself".

The police searched the 4 puts where the rapes allegedly took place and got a listing of names of the ladies who were in the room with Park and his corporateat the said dates. The girls have been called in for testifying.

Meanwhile, Park has counter sued the primary accuser for false accusations and threat.

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Rookie Girl-Group Individuals Team Up For Sizzling Hot “Touch My Body” Cover

Rookie Girl-Group Individuals Team Up For Sizzling Hot “Touch My Body” Cover

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterFor the half-year special edition of KBS music show Music Bank, young idols teamed up for more than a few collaboration stages to celebrate the summer.

And with woman group SISTAR being known for their irresistible summer hits, some of the maximum up to datelearners in the industry teamed up to accomplish an unforgettable functionalityin their song Touch My Body. Joining forces to position on what some enthusiastsimagine the top collaboration via rookies thus far this year, Red Velvets Joy, CLCs SeungyeonG-FriendYuju, and TWICEMomo proved that they is alsoin a position to bring the warmth alongsidean excellentduvet of the break summer hit.

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Watch: EXO Tease And Touch At the back of The Scenes On “Music Core Hidden Stage”

Watch: EXO Tease And Touch At the back of The Scenes On “Music Core Hidden Stage”

Watch: EXO Tease And Touch In the back of The Scenes On Track nub Hidden Degree soojji June 22, 2016 0 Watch: EXO Tease And Touch Behind the curtain On Music Core Hidden Stage On June 22 a “Music Core Hidden Stage” segment featuring boy crew EXO was once uploaded onto the MBig Television channel on YouTube.

The 10-minute clip finds the the men interacting with each and every other and with enthusiastswhilst recording their comeback functionalityat the show. The video displays the EXO participants playfully playing around amongstone another on stage and answering interview questions in the waiting room.

The boys expose that their favouritepassion is gossiping with each one other and make a laugh of the grimy living conduct of member Suho.

During a game of “Never Have I Ever,” the boys team up opposed to Suho, who should dance embarrassingly by way of himself during their performance in front of fans as punishment.

Watch the clip with English subtitles below!

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Watch: Eric Nam’s Center Races On account of Solar’s Touch On “We Were given Married”

Watch: Eric Nam’s Center Races On account of Solar’s Touch On “We Were given Married”

Watch: Eric Nams Middle Races As a result of Solars Touch On We Were given Marriedleonid Might 28, 2016 0 Watch: Eric Nams Heart Races Because Of Solars Touch On We Got Married Eric Nam can't hide his happiness after having unforeseen physical touch with his “We Got Married” wife MAMAMOOs Solar.

On the 28th episode of the MBC show, Sun and Eric Nam spark off to their new home. In the moving truck, the couple sits snugly in combination as they devour the meal Solar prepared.

After they glance at fan-made couple licenses, Solar all of sudden reaches out to Eric Nam’s face and wipes off dirt from his eyes.

Caught off guard through Solar’s surprising touch, Eric Nam says in an interview afterwards, “I used to be surprised. She suddenly comes close like that sometimes. My heart races each time she does that.”

Watch the candyinterplay below!

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Watch: Dana Drops Touch You MV Thru SM STATION

Watch: Dana Drops Touch You MV Thru SM STATION

Watch: Dana Drops “Touch You” MV Thru SM STATIONilmare42 Might 19, 2016 0 Watch: Dana Drops “Touch You” MV Through SM STATION SM Entertainment artist Dana has released a horny new ballad entitled “Touch You”!

On Could 20 in the dead of night KST, the track video for Dana’s new unmarriedwas once released by way of the virtual music channel SM STATION. Dana stars in the music video, which is a long shot of her slumbering on a setteeearlier than waking up to feel the mild on her face in the morning.

Watch the music video below!

Dana first debuted as a solo singer in 2001 below SM Entertainment, and then became a member of the four-member group The Grace in 2005. Even supposingthe gang has been on an indefinite hiatus for several years, Dana promoted as a phase of The Grace’s sub-unit Dana Sunday back in 2011.

This is the newest track released by way of SM STATION, which has been striking out new songs each and every Friday featuring both SM artists and artists from other agencies.

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Dana To Unlock Touch You Unmarried  By way of SM Station

Dana To Unlock Touch You Unmarried By way of SM Station

Dana To Free up “Touch You” UnmarriedBy way of SM Stationilmare42 Might 17, 2016 0 Dana To Release “Touch You” Single Via SM Station SM Entertainment artist Dana is next up to release a single via SM STATION!

On Could 17, SM Entertainment posted a teaser photo to announce that Dana may befreeing the single “Touch You” on May 20 via their virtualsong channel SM STATION.

Dana first debuted as a solo singer in 2001 beneath SM Entertainment, sooner than joining the four-member crew The Grace for their debut in 2005. In 2011, she also promoted as a section of The Grace’s sub-unit Dana Sunday.

SM STATION has been releasing new tracks each and every Friday, showcasing a number ofother genres and an impressively assortedvariety of collaborations between either SM artists and artists from other agencies. Maximum recently, they released a lovely duet by EXOs Baekhyun and K.Will and an EDM track by f(x)s Amber and Luna, featuring DJ R3Hab.

Are you excited to pay attention a new track from Dana?

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