TOP 7 Most Charismatic Male Idol Dancers

TOP 7 Most Charismatic Male Idol Dancers

These idols are recognized for their upbeat and energetic performances while on stage.

Jimin has been recognized for his amazing singing skills, and he really sets himself apart with his strong dance skills and powerful stage presence.

As the main dancer of the group, its no surprise that Kai has been recognized for his mesmerizing dance moves. Always appearing calm and relaxed, Kai is a natural on stage!

Known to have choreographed many of Seventeens dances, Hoshis skills are awe inspiring. He is always upbeat and ready to show his fans exactly what hes made of!

Hoyas dance performances are consistently strong and sharp, never missing a beat. After making a beautiful dance routine to Lukas Grahams song 7 Years to perform at KCon Mexico, Hoya got praised by the singer for his dancing!

Known as the, if not one, of the best dancers in the group, N is known for having a very sensual atmosphere when performing. His expression is always calm and fitting the mood of the song, and always manages to grab everybodys attention!

Shownus dance moves seem to always flow from one to the other, never stiff! His confidence on stage gives him an edge, making him shine!

Taemin remains one of the kings of K-Pop dance with this intense stage presence, incredibility to mix line and movement, and sensual dance performances.