Top 11 Fails That Prove K-Pop Idols Are Still Human

Top 11 Fails That Prove K-Pop Idols Are Still Human

With the birth of K-pop, idols have come to be revered and admired by millions of fans across the globe. Their flawless performances and their effortless skills make us think they have it all, but in reality, they are human just like us. As youll see below, idols make mistakes, and with them, they become even more adorable.

On the outside, T.O.P might seem like hes always serious, but on the inside, he can be an absolute klutz.

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Everyone has that moment when they fall off the chair. Its a natural part of life. For Jimin it involves kicking himself in the head.

Yoga really isnt for everyone. As flawless as she might be on stage, Sana is no exception.

Weve all been there, and we all know just how much it hurts to get hit by a metal pot. G-Dragon is perfect in so many ways, its nice to know he makes mistakes too.

As talented as Sowon is, rapping doesnt come to her naturally. Shes only human, after all.

Super Juniors Shindong

Out of all the runners in this race, Shindong is the one who deserves a medal the most. We all hate running, lets not pretend otherwise.

Girls Generations Yuri

Ice is the greatest enemy to mankind. Yuri and Hara experience the dangers of ice firsthand, proving they can fall just like the rest of us.

What could be worse than realizing you almost ate preservatives? Its that scary moment when you think youre gonna die, and then everything goes back to normal. Weve all been there.

Some of us, no matter how great we look, really arent meant to do sports. Yubin is a great example.

Falling is the most natural thing a human can do. Our precious Taehyung is very familiar with it.

Girls Generations YoonA and Taeyeon

And just when you were thinking her hair was too perfect to be real, you find out you were right.

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