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BEAST Talk about The muse At the back of Their Song And The call of the game To Luck EXCLUSIVE

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(Photo : Ong Melin | Special Thank you to BEAST, Dice Entertainment, IME Productions Singapore and 3 Angles Group)K-pop idol group BEAST may be heading to Australia and Malaysia next month, traveling Asia in make strongerin theirmaximumfresh EP, "Ordinary." The six-member boy band - Doojoon, Hyunseung, Junhyung, Yoseob, Gikwang, and Dongwoon - sat down with KpopStarz behind the scenes in Singapore right throughthe primaryforestall on their fan assemblyexcursion and mentionedthe musein the back of their tune and the call of the game to their success. Take a glance at the exclusive KpopStarz QA with BEAST below.

(Photo : Ong Melin | Special Thanks to BEAST, Cube Entertainment, IME Productions Singapore and 3 Angles Group)

(Photo : Ong Melin | Special Thanks to BEAST, Cube Entertainment, IME Productions Singapore and Three Angles Group)KpopStarz: Junhyung, you produced many of the "Ordinary" album. Where do you get your inspiration from?

Junhyung: I might say as an alternative of being exclusively encouragedvia one area, I used to be inspired by many things. I also especially think I was once very influenced by Doojoon.

KpopStarz: Doojoon and Yoseob, you travelled in any other countryin combination for the tvN food program "Let's Eat." What became that revel in like?

Doojoon: At first, it felt find it irresistible was just a shuttle alongside a just right friend. I also were givento peeran excessively tired Yoseob go to sleep early (laughs).

KpopStarz: This October, it will exist the group's 6-year anniversary. What is the secret to preservingstable and having a lasting have an effect on as a team?

Doojoon: Our secret? As an alternative of a secret, we just at all times hope that and ponder whetherwe're going to be in a positionto stick and make music together, with our fans, for a long, long - very long - time.

KpopStarz: What upcoming BEAST match or assignment are you most fascinated by and why?

Doojoon: Latelywe are having a fan meeting in Singapore for a couple of hours, and we're in point of facthaving a lookahead to that a phase of the trip!

At the finish of the fast interview, BEAST gave a distinct shout-out to KpopStarz readers. Investigate cross-check the interview clips below!

(Photo : Ain Osman | Special Thanks to BEAST, Cube Entertainment, IME Productions Singapore and Three Angles Group)(Photo : Ain Osman | Special Thanks to BEAST, Cube Entertainment, IME Productions Singapore and Three Angles Group)

Interview by: KpopStarz SG Team (Ong Melin) | Writer: Syafiqah Shah | Video Credits: Ain Osman and Ong Melin | Video Editor: P.J. Gaynard at Goat Milk Fudge Productions| Translator: Yuri Chong| Photo Credits: Ain Osman and Ong Melin| Special thanks to: BEAST, Cube Entertainment, IME Productions Singapore and Three Angles Group

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BEAST’s Doojoon is going Commando on “Law of the Jungle”

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BEAST’s Doojoon Goes Commando on “Law of the Jungle” On the November 20 episode of SBS‘s “Law of the Jungle,” BEAST member Doojoon reasons an uproar by skill of admitting to going commando.

He seems with fellow member Junhyung and Jung Joon Young, and the 3 of them continue to get soaking wet by rain that comes and goes. Doojoon mentions that it will have to be fine so long as the wind doesn’t blow, saying, “I’m no longer dressed in any underwear.”

Shocked, Junhyung asks him, “You’re no longer wearing underwear?” Doojoon says that he’s wearing leggings, and Junhyung says, “So you’re not wearing underwear.”

“I’m wearing leggings as a substitute of underwear,” Doojoon corrects. Jung Joon Young tells the cameraman, “When we wake up tomorrow, we ought to get a close up on Doojoon.”

It turns out Doojoon takes the law of the jungle a little bit too seriously.

BEAST’s Doojoon and Junhyung speak about a deadly State of affairs on “Law of the Jungle”

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BEAST’s Doojoon and Junhyung communicate About a damaging condition on “Law of the Jungle” The November 20 broadcast of SBS’s “Law of the Jungle in Samoa” featured actors Lee Sang Yeob, Lee Won Jong, Wang Ji Hye, entertainer Kang Kyun Sung, singer Jung Joon Young, BEAST’s Junhyung and Doojoon with their leader comic Kim Byung Man. On the newest episode, they had an opportunity to speak about their survival stories.

In the episode, the Byung guy extended family aroused from sleep in the midst of the evening in a downpour. Lee Sang Yeob commented, “I laid down to sleep, yet water used to be leaking because of the downpour.”

The production team and the team lost communique at the basecamp. Byung Man Clan had to ditch the basecamp due to the the short emerging water in the valley. They briefly had to close up the recording apparatus and break out from the valley. All and sundry kept falling down because they couldn’t see clearly due to the rain. However, they were in a position to safely make their way out of the valley.

Thinking back to the ordeal, Junhyung commented, “It turned into an overly serious situation. I heard the properties were destroyed. Our property floated away, too.”

Doojoon added, “I think if we were behind schedule even 30 mins to an hour, we could’ve been in serious danger.”

Meanwhile, Doojoon, Junhyung, and Jung Joon Hyung have demonstrated camaraderie via forming the “Snake89” neighborhood named after the year they were born.

BEAST's Dongwoon Reveals His Anxieties Preparing For 'The Great Gatsby' Musical

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BEAST's Dongwoon Reveals His Anxieties Preparing For 'The Great Gatsby' Musical

BEAST"s Dongwoon showed his charismatic stage presence in the November issue of Sure. For the pictorial, the idol tried different red carpet looks. He gave each combination a modern twist with unique shoes by Giuseppe Zanotti. One of the most recognizable pairs was the "Giuseppe For G-Dragon" glitter-encrusted loafers. The bold shoes can be yous HERE and can be seen below.

(Photo : Giuseppe Zanotti)

During the accompanying interview, the star talked about his musical The Great Gatsby [RE:BOOT]. He revealed, "Every day, we practice together for about six hours. Honestly, lately, when I think of the musical, I can"t fall asleep. Although I still have time to prepare, I feel pressured and I really want to do well. Our fans will come as audiences but I want to do well so that everyone will end up crying."

The star also discussed how his personality changes when he"s around his BEAST band mates. He explained, "I"m the mood maker. But on my own, I"m the quiet type. Like lately when it"s cold, I get lonely and gloomy. But when I"m with the hyungs, I make the atmosphere lively. That way, the staff and the filming atmosphere is great. It naturally happens like that. The energy that comes out of me when I"m alone and when I"m with the team is a little different."

To read the rest of the interview, remember to pick up the latest issue of Sure!

About the Author: Elsa is the founder, head writer, and editor of In her website, she covers K-pop celebrity style, Korean actress beauty trends, red carpet appearances and Seoul Fashion Week news.

Kim Seul Ki and BEAST’s Yoon Doo Joon movie New Romance-Fantasy Drama Together

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Kim Seul Ki and BEAST’s Yoon Doo Joon Film New Romance-Fantasy Drama Together Actress Kim Seul Ki and BEAST‘s Yoon Doo Joon were given together to film a brief drama.

On October 20, MBC‘s “Splash Splash LOVE (tentative title)” started filming and released some behind-the-scenes photos.

In the photos, Yoon Doo Joon has reworked into the king of Joseon whilst friendly posing with Kim Seul Gi. they appear to have got close already in spite of it being the beginning of this new drama.

“Splash Splash LOVE” is focused around the concept that of time slips, where a top college student Dan Bi (Kim Seul Gi) has the power to teleport anywhere she needs when it rains. The drama unfolds as she meets the Joseon king Lee Do (Yoon Doo Joon).

This drama is a two-episode short and could be first of all released online.

HanCinema's movie Review 'The Beast and the Beauty'

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HanCinema's movie Review 'The Beast and the Beauty'

In keeping with the mild and fluffy tone of the plot, the visuals and sound are just as rose-tinted and cartoonish. There are vibrant colours and surrealistic scenes bring either the comedy and romance to dream-like degrees which are as fun as they are quirky. There is superb detail put into the visual output, from clothing to lights to the artful and inventive use of special effects. The mise en scène and track feel very animated and active in framing the story. The soundtrack has cushy tunes that lift a unfashionable non violent feeling to them and the maximum important song is sung by ability of Insooni, who also makes a different appearance as the primary singer in the bar Hae Joo works at.

There is this misconception, that a lighter fictional paintings is automatically a shallow one, yet simplicity does now not should be foolish or underestimate its viewers. "The Beast and the Beauty" could be light, but it isn't brainless or effortless. What it provides is a playful and somewhat child-like take on romance and what subjects in terms of attraction. this is a feel-good work with a unique style, which would entice many fanatics of the genre.

Written by: Orion from "Orion"s Ramblings"

Follow @OrionsRamblings

"The Beast and the Beauty" is directed by Lee Gye-byeok and lines Ryoo Seung-beom, Sin Min-ah and Kim Kang-woo.

BEAST Reunite With Fans In Singapore For An 'Ordinary' Night Of Music And Games

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BEAST Reunite With Fans In Singapore For An 'Ordinary' Night Of Music And Games

(Photo : Ong Melin | Special Thanks to IME Productions Singapore and Three Angles Group) September 24 will be a night to remember for K-pop idol group BEAST and their dedicated fans in Singapore

Performing for the first time in three years, the six-member boy band held a thrilling concert at the Suntec Convention Centre Hall.

Excited fans were seen lining up hours prior to the concert despite it being a fully seated event. Their dedication and love for BEAST showed consistently throughout the fan meet.

Fancy special effects and pyrotechnics were not needed to hype the fans as their energy levels shot up exponentially once the lights dimmed. Unlike other music events, it was a rare sight indeed to see fans rushing to the front barricades and standing on their seats from the beginning of the show. Security stepped in to handle the situation and the show continued without issue. The venue staff proved to be less stringent with security, allowing for an enjoyable and intimate reunion between the fans and their idols.

(Photo : Syafiqah Shah| Special Thanks to IME Productions Singapore and Three Angles Group) BEAST turned the venue into a dance club by opening the show with their latest title track "YeY" from their 8th EP "Ordinary." The upbeat electronic tempo continued with "Good Luck" and fans were seen chanting along to addictive lyrics.

Showing versatility, BEAST contrasted with a performance of their melancholic ballad "12:30." As though time had stopped, it gave the audience a moment to bask in the incredible stage presence of the group. Aside from the pitch perfect performances, BEAST also showed an impressive ability to execute complex choreography whilst singing.

2 Factors that made it a Beautiful (Fan Meet) Reunion:

1. BEAST are definitely a spontaneous bunch

And this made the fan meet even more enjoyable! For instance, their efforts to speak in English to better communicate with international fans is certainly something commendable.

The member who caught our attention most was Junhyung, who made a mini-speech in almost-perfect English! Despite uncontrollable laughter from his fellow members, Junhyung persevered through the speech with clarity and received resounding applause from fans.

(Photo : Ong Melin | Special Thanks to IME Productions Singapore and Three Angles Group) "Thank you Singapore. Me and my fans are very happy tonight. You guys are very awesome and beautiful and lovely and cute," he said to the crowd. "Yeah! Next time we come to Singapore, we have concert. Okay? Thank you."

During the game segment which tested BEAST"s knowledge of Singapore, Leader Doojoon ended up as the loser. Unfortunately, the punishment was a wrist-flick by the other members. Not fearing their leader, Yoseob and Kikwang gave a loud smack turning Doojoon"s wrist lobster-red. The final member to give the punishment was Hyunseung who pretended to gather his power but ended up with a light tap. Doojoon went on to praise him with gratitude, calling him a "good guy."

(Photo : Syafiqah Shah| Special Thanks to IME Productions Singapore and Three Angles Group) The second game was the highlight of the night as the BEAST members were paired up with lucky fans and competed against one another. BEAST had to listen to a local song through headphones and hum it out, while their partnered fan had to guess the title of the song.

Roaring laughter ensued when it came to Doojoon"s turn. Starting with confidence, he threw a few English phrases to warm up, "Volume up please. Easy easy." When his partner struggled to guess the song, Doojoon whined adorably at the unfair situation, "She("s) from Hong Kong. Hong Kong! Are you kidding me? 아이씨, 진짜! (Aish, seriously!)" Kikwang was also caught in the same situation as he was partnered with a Malaysian fan.

(Photo : Ong Melin | Special Thanks to IME Productions Singapore and Three Angles Group) 2. Fan Support + Fan Service

As the saying goes, it takes two to tango. The relationship between B2UTY and BEAST is certainly a precious and reciprocated one. It is common for fan projects and support to be carried out at such events. It is even more rewarding when one"s hard work and efforts are acknowledged as in this case when Dongwoon thanked fans for providing something simple yet essential - bottled drinks.

Doojoon also held up and waved a fan banner (printed by local fan clubs and given for free to attendees) during the encore. Of course, all these were reciprocated in terms of the massive fan service given by BEAST themselves. From heart gestures to providing hugs (only for lucky fans who got on stage), the members sure know how to pamper their fans. Dongwoon, known for being a sweet-talker, scored brownie points during the quiz when he said, "I don"t know the answer (Singapore celebrities) because I only know our Singapore fans."

(Photo : Ong Melin | Special Thanks to IME Productions Singapore and Three Angles Group) Upon reaching the mid-point of the fan meet, fans united through a fan project by turning the venue into a sea of bright white lights during the ballad song, "On Rainy Days". Turning the mood around, BEAST went on to sing an array of their past hit tracks including "I Think I Love You." "Special," "Shock," "Shadow" and "Beautiful Night."

(Photo : Syafiqah Shah| Special Thanks to IME Productions Singapore and Three Angles Group) All good things have to come to an end. So did the fan meet. BEAST returned on stage with a dual performance of "How To Love" and "Encore."

Fans (including Doojoon!) held up a simple banner with the words "우리 더 고마워" translating to "We are even more grateful." A beautiful closure to a beautiful reunion.

To sum up, "Ordinary" is an understated title to describe the show. BEAST"s "Ordinary" Fan Meet in Singapore 2015 truly went beyond expectations, far exceeding the ordinary. We certainly look forward to them keeping their promise of returning with a full-fledged concert soon!

Last but not least, a word of thanks to the emcees Chris and DeeKosh as well as organizers Three Angles Group and IME Productions for a well-planned show.

Get to experience the action with this recap reel of the event:

Special thanks to IME Productions Singapore and Three Angles Group for inviting to cover BEAST "Ordinary" Fan Meet In Singapore 2015.

Writer: Syafiqah Shah | Photo Credits: Ong Melin and Syafiqah Shah | Video Credits: Ong Melin

BEAST’s Yoseob Kindly Asks Sasaeng Lovers to Recognize His Privacy

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BEAST’s Yoseob Kindly Asks Sasaeng Fans to Respect His Privacy BEAST‘s Yoseob has a couple of words for some of his more intrusive fans.

On September 26, the idol addressed his sasaeng fans through a kind but company Twitter post. This comes just a month after his previous public remark regarding sasaeng fans.

He wrote, “I’m traveling to Japan to look a UFC match. It’s a slightly private matter, right? Haha. It’s now not simple for me to bring this up. Recently, somebody hacked the calendar of our manager’s mobile phone and were given dangle of our schedule. This consumer has been promoting it, and I’ve heard folks are paying large cash to shop for it… If you use such shady tactics to see us all through own travels or non-public events, i can be in a position to not be at liberty to see you, not satisfied at all. That’s just a a phase of what sasaeng fans do. i love my fans, yet not sasaengs. A fandom is something truly stunning and honorable, but simplest if done properly.”

Referring to the fans who knew about his Japan shuttle and got here to see him at the airport, he added, “Those who came to see me today, i am hoping that I will meet you as fans in the future. Not sasaengs!” and ended the post with a more cheerful tone, “Go house safely and I am going to have a laugh on my personal trip. Bye!!”

Yoseob has since up to date his personal Instagram with many footage from his trip, letting fans know that he's taking component in his time alone in Japan.

BEAST’s Junhyung and Doojoon in Talks to register for “Law of the Jungle”

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BEAST’s Junhyung and Doojoon in Talks to sign up for “Law of the Jungle” Male staff BEAST contributors Junhyung and Doojoon might be headed to Samoa for the preferred reality-variety show “Law of the Jungle.”

According to a representative of the show, Junhyung and Doojoon are lately discussing the general main points with the producers. While their appearance has yet to be officially confirmed, it seems highly most likely that they are going to join the show.

Also a member of BEAST, Kikwang gave the impression at the Solomon Islands special of the display that aired final fall. He gained wonderful attention for his fearless and positive attitude after joining the show despite his severe seafood allergy, which thankfully did now not act up in the jungle.

Meanwhile, the cast members will depart for Samoa in October, and the episodes are expected to air after the currently airing Nicaragua special ends its run.

BEAST′s Yoon Du Jun and Yong Jun Hyung showed for ′The Jungle′ in Samoa

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BEAST′s Yoon Du Jun and Yong Jun Hyung showed for ′The Jungle′ in Samoa

--> BEAST′s Yoon Du Jun and Yong Jun Hyung are going to the jungle.

A rep from SBS′ The regulations of the Jungle mentioned to Newsen on September 23, "BEAST′s Yoon Du Jun and Yong Jun Hyung may be performing at the Samoa edition."

Yoon Du Jun and Yong Jun Hyung were proven for the Samoa edition of The legislation of the Jungle, which is decided to air after the Nicaragua edition recently airing, and the display is rounding up more guests. Yoon Du Jun and Yong Jun Hyung are up next, following BEAST′s Lee Gi Kwang, who gave the impression on the Soloman Islands edition. Many are curious to peer how the same-age pals will fare in the jungle.

Meanwhile, the 22th team appearing on the Samoa edition of The Laws of the Jungle will take off on October 1.