This Vibrant Indonesian Village Is Every Color Lovers Dream Destination

This Vibrant Indonesian Village Is Every Color Lovers Dream Destination

Kampung Pelangi, which literally translates to rainbow village in Indonesian, is the perfect travel destination for anyone who loves color.

The local government of the village, which was originally named Kampung Wonosari, allocated a budget of 300 million RP (about $22,500 USD) into transforming the town into Indonesias newest tourist attraction. This plan worked because many Indonesians have flocked to the rainbow village to take pictures with its colorful buildings and 3D murals.

Local residents are also benefitting from the increase in tourism as they are able to sell food and souvenirs to the visitors who are flocking to the area. Currently, 223 homes are painted but the mayor hopes to paint one hundred more.

Kampung Pelangi was once considered a slum but thanks to the help of the village residents and an ambitious dream from the local government, Kampung Pelangi is now a colorful playground for locals and tourists. The government hopes to expand the budget in order to paint more houses and clean the nearby river.

Check out more photos of this rainbow wonderland below:

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