This Silly Mistake Helped Samuel Kim Trend Online

This Silly Mistake Helped Samuel Kim Trend Online

Samuel Kim has already received mass popularity in Korea since his time on hit TV show ‘Produce IOI Season 2,’ but now the idol is receiving an extra dose of attention due to one silly mistake!

After Samuel released his debut song “Sixteen,” the search engines went wild. However, the error that sky-rocketed his popularity occurred when Korean fans tried searching his name in English.

Fans mistakingly kept typing in “Samyel” instead of searching for “Samuel,” which is the correct way to spell his name. Due to the massive misspelling and search for the word “Samyel,” the funny typo actually ranked 1st on the search engines pushing his real name and title song down the list!

Fortunately, fans caught on rather quickly and the whacky name has lowered on the search rankings, leaving his name and new song “Sixteen” on top where we are sure he likes it. What do you think of this funny situation? Check out Samuel’s latest release down below!