This Little Girl Looks Exactly Like BLACKPINK’s Jennie

This Little Girl Looks Exactly Like BLACKPINK’s Jennie

This little girl is going viral for her uncanny likeness to BLACKPINKs Jennie and the similarities are astounding!

BLACKPINKs Jennie is known as the cute and powerful rapper of the group and she certainly has her unique charms about her. As unique as Jennie is, however, there is one little girl that she may have to share the spotlight with. This little girl looks so much like Jennie, that she has been dubbed mini Jennie and her photos are going viral.

Check out the photos below:

Her long eyelashes appear to look like Jennies!Doesnt the little girl have a nose and lips that are similar too?Her long hair also falls on her face the way Jennies does!The resemblance is uncanny!

As it turns out, there is another little girl who is currently be called mini Jennie! This little girl knows BLACKPINKs Playing With Fire dance inside and out, and the video is just too perfect:

mini jennie

— 에이오에이_Hyejeong (@HR_Hyejeong93) January 5, 2017

Mini Jisoo has also popped up online!

This little girl is said to remind fans of Jisoo!We definitely agree!

Mini Jennie seems to be popping up everywhere, now were just looking for mini Lisa and Rosé! Maybe they could do a classy photoshoot together as well!