This Korean Presidential Candidate Really Loves Baekhyun

This Korean Presidential Candidate Really Loves Baekhyun

Presidential candidate Moon Jae In visited SM Artium and surprised EXO fans by showing his love for one particular member.

The official Twitter account of Moon Jae In, Koreas Democratic presidential candidate, recently wished EXOs Baekhyun a happy birthday in response to an EXO fan.

Moon Jae ins Twitter recently uploaded several photos of the presidential candidate visiting SM Entertainments SMTOWN COEX Artium, an entertainment complex with 6 floors of SM artist merchandise, goods, and collectibles, as well as theaters and studios.

Actor Kim Min Jong and Super Juniors Lee Teuk were also in attendance to greet the presidential candidate and show their support for him.

Is this real? Presidential candidate Moon Jae In is at SM Artium! Who would have thought of seeing #KimMinJong #LeeTeuk #KimYoungMin #MoonJaeIn together..

Presidential candidate Moon Jae In received SM goods as gifts, and was also invited to EXOs concert.

He received almost as much support as EXO (?), and word has it that he also purchased EXO cookies.

나름 엑소 인기 부럽지 않은(?) 응원을 받으며, 엑소 쿠키도 구매했다는 후문

문재인캠프 (@MoonJaeIn365) May 4, 2017

One of his supporters, an EXO fan, asked if Moon Jae In was going to attend EXOs concert at the end of this month, and suggested that he go on May 27 if he planned on going.

In response, Moon Jae In stated that he couldnt confirm whether he could attend the concert, but expressed that he will be watching out for EXOs performances in the future. He also ended the tweet by wishing Baekhyun a birthday.

He hasnt given a definite answer yet, but he said he will be watching EXOs performances often in the future! There may be a day where the President attends an EXO concert! ㅎㅎ Looks like there was also a birthday party for Baekhyun today! Happy birthday