This K-Pop Idol Had The Most Dramatic Hair Styles

This K-Pop Idol Had The Most Dramatic Hair Styles

If there weren’t crazy hairstyles in K-Pop, things just wouldn’t be the same. But which idol has worn the craziest and dramatic hairstyles over the years? One idol was deemed for being the queen of having some eye-catching hairstyles that you must see down below!

Who could forget this signature look? The start of something crazy.

I won’t see she can pull this look off effortlessly, but it isn’t too out-of-the-ordinary compared to some others.

Probably one of the most alluring and exquisite looks on her!

Dara’s hairstyles were always intricate and these braids prove it!

I mean, what else can you call other than something absolutely extra, intricate and amazing. I wonder how much gel it took to do this!

Which Dara hairstyle was your favorite? Are there any you would want to try? Share your other favorite K-Pop hairstyles in the comments down below!