This Is Why The N Seoul Tower Changes Color

This Is Why The N Seoul Tower Changes Color

Many people love how the N Seoul Tower glows bright colors at night but there is a reason behind the different colors it displays.

The N Seoul Tower is a tower in Seoul, South Korea and its considered a tourist landmark. It is highly popular with both citizens and tourists because of its panoramic views and the towers colorful look at nighttime.

Even though people just like to see the tower because of its aesthetic reasons, theres a real reason behind the different colors, the tower displays at night. The tower changes color to alert people on how bad or good air conditions are. 

The yellow dust problem has been a serious health issue in most East Asian countries and South Korea has been trying to find better solutions to combat this issue. With the towers colors, the true purpose is to let people know when to use masks and be cautious when breathing the air.

When the light tower is red, it means that air conditions are very bad and it is best to stay indoors. When the tower is green, it is advised to use masks as air conditions are not the best at the moment. When the tower is blue, it means that air conditions are very good.

Check out the photos below for actual photos of the tower.