This Is What The Famous YG Cafeteria Food Actually Looks Like

This Is What The Famous YG Cafeteria Food Actually Looks Like

YG Entertainment is one of Koreas most successful agencies, and the agencys cafeteria is no different.

YG Entertainment has its own in-house cafeteria in their building at Hapjeong, western Seoul, where rumors of its delicious meals have spread among the public.

The menu is mainly focused on Korean food and two cooks, and a nutritionist prepares the weekly menu.

The cafeteria is open to the employees and artists of the agency, and they serve lunch, dinner and late-night meals until 3:00 AM.

The cafeteria is entirely free for employees and artists, and can hold  twenty people at any given time.

Everything served here is free and no other Korean entertainment company has such a cafeteria as far as I know

— YG Entertainment Employee

Sandara Park is a frequent visitor of the cafeteria and vouched for the delicious taste of the cafeterias food.

Even though Im busy because of the upcoming concert, I still have to eat ^_^ Are my Blackjacks taking care of themselves and eating well too?

Its lunch-time so theres so many people in line~ However its all worth it to eat the really good food ~ .

콘서트 준비로 바빠도 밥은 잘 챙겨먹어야죠^_^ 랙잭이들도 다들 밥 잘 챙겨먹고있죠?! 점심시간에 식당은 북적북적~ 줄이 너무 길어요~ 하지만 맛있는 밥을위해서라면~ .

Sandara Park (@krungy21) February 11, 2014

Besides Dara, many other YG artists such as G-Dragon, Sean Ro, Yoo Byungjae, Se7en, PSY, and T.O.P have been spotted eating there.

PSY and G-Dragon actually ate at the cafeteria with Justin Bieber when Justin Bieber visited Korea in October 2013.

BIGBANGs T.O.P originally said that the food wasnt that great on Happy Together, but he cleared up the accusations on BIGBANGs episode of Radio Star.

T.O.P said he only said that because everyone kept raving about the cafeteria so he thought itd be funny to say it wasnt good.

Here are just some of the foods available from YG Entertainments cafeteria.

In addition to being one of the top music agencies in Korea, YG Entertainment also serves some of the best food as well.

Source: Instiz Korea Times