This is what happens when you accidentally call Jessis hair fake

This is what happens when you accidentally call Jessis hair fake

Rapper Jessi recently had a misunderstanding with a fan on Instagram when she didnt realize the fan was trying to compliment her.

Being able to interact with idols on social media platforms is a great way for fans to feel close to their favorite celebrities, but sometimes misunderstandings happen—and sometimes theyre absolutely hysterical.

Korean rapper Jessi recently took to Instagram to hint at her upcoming album in a cute post.

Hey 👋🏼 Does anyone sense an album? ☺️

A post shared by Jessi 제시 (@jessicah_o) on May 25, 2017 at 9:11am PDT

A fan of Jessis commented wig on her post in an attempt to show her excitement for the upcoming album. Unfortunately, Jessi misinterpreted the fans comment as an attack on her hair, claiming it was a wig, and shot back a sharp retort.

The fan, who was, of course, mortified at the misunderstanding, was quick to clarify their comment.

Fortunately, Jessi was very understanding. Their short conversation ended with the fan assuring Jessi that everything is okay and Jessi sending a cute emoji in response.

yall jessi posted that pic on her IG saying who senses an album and i was like omg wig AND SHE DRAGGED ME AND I EXPLAINED AND SHE APOLOGISED

paras | ♤♡♧♢ (@deadblackjack) May 25, 2017