This Is How SHINee Taemins Vocals Have Improved Since His Debut

This Is How SHINee Taemins Vocals Have Improved Since His Debut

SHINees Taemin vocal progression is quite an impressive story among K-Pop idols. 

Its no secret that Taemin has had one of the most iconic transformations from dancer to singer in K-Pop. While hes now quite a successful solo artist in both South Korea and in Japan, he wasnt always so well-versed in both dancing and singing.

To most fans outside of the SHINee fandom, Taemins progression to a solo artist may have come as a shock considering how SM Entertainment hid his vocal progression from the public.

In a video showing his progression, Taemin can be seen singing alongside group member Jonghyun. Jonghyun was often used for vocal doubling. a technique in which one singer sings the same part with a louder voice in order to produce a fuller sound. As time progressed, however,  Taemin became able to stand on his own during the solo parts of the same song that Jonghyun helped him sing.

In fact, after improving his performances, Taemin event went on to cover Jonghyuns solo parts during performances of Lucifer in 2011, before joining Immortal Songs 2 in 2012 and finally making his solo debut in 2014.

Check out the video showcasing Taemins vocal progression below:

whenever I think back how much hard work taemin has put in to improve his vocal skills he even has solo albums now and solo concert soon !