This Is How North Koreans Were Taught To Feel About Americans

This Is How North Koreans Were Taught To Feel About Americans

A group of North Koreans revealed what they were taught to think about Americans during school, revealing how North Korea views the United States.

Its no secret that tensions between North Korea and America are running high, but a series of recent interviews in a YouTube video revealed just what a group of North Korean defectors were taught to think about America and how their views have changed since.

At the beginning of the interview, the interviewees were asked how North Korea views America and the defectors gave similar shocking responses.

One explained that theyre taught to view America as  A mortal enemy that cannot co-exist and needs to be wiped out from this planet., while another said; Someone thats always trying to invade North Korea, basically just an evil being.

When asked what their image of Americans used to be, more than one of the North Koreans explained that they were depicted as having huge noises.

One, in particular, went into detail about how Americans were portrayed.

Hideous, huge nose, and scary looking eyes. From what I saw on posters like a devil.

One interviewee revealed that from kindergarten, North Koreans are being taught to smash the American bastards. After kindergarten, theyre even taught songs about it.

School sporting events include horrific activities such stabbing the American mannequin, and school corridors are plastered with paintings and photos of American soldiers harming Koreans.

One man explained that by being continually told about how evil America is, they make you hate it to the point that you just want to destroy it.

Speaking on how their views on Americans had changed since coming to South Korea, many of them were shocked at how different Americans were to how theyd been taught.

They were just nothing like I imagined them. The Americans I met laughed a lot and were very friendly towards me. Id always believed that America was this big mortal enemy.

He went on to explain that after living with a group of Americans, he realized that what they had was real freedom and all of his previous beliefs were completely shattered.

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