This Is How Jessica Responds To Recent SBS ‘Strong Family’ Blunder

This Is How Jessica Responds To Recent SBS ‘Strong Family’ Blunder

A few days ago netizens were furious as they noticed Jessica and Krystal’s Korean names were put into the list of the deceased in one of the scenes from SBS drama “Strong Family”. Jessica has responded to the recent controversy via Instagram.

While “Strong Family” production team has released a statement to deny the allegations about the show throwing a shade to the Jung sisters, many fans are persistent that the show has put the names intentionally. Soompi reported previously that SBS and “Strong Family” production team have apologized regardless following backlashes they’ve been receiving because of the blunder. In their opinion, it doesn’t even make sense if they wanted to form some kind of threat to Jessica and Krystal in the first place.

Meanwhile, Jessica seems a little bit upset when she heard about the whole deceased name thing. It can be seen on her recent Instagram post. According to Allkpop, the former Girls’ Generation’s member wrote a series of comments on Instagram saying she can’t believe someone would do that horrible thing. She concluded her statement by writing let’s live a long, long life.

The controversy started when SBS “Strong Family” showed a scene in a funeral home. On the list of the deceased, there were names similar to Jessica and Krystal’s Korean names, Jung Soo Yeon and Jung Soo Jung. People who noticed that quickly questioned the motive behind the unlikely coincidence. Some were pretty sure it was a form of dislike directed to the Jung sisters since the names were put in order. Meanwhile, the rest of them think it may be a mere coincidence.

Ever since the blunder took place, Jessica and Krystal’s fans have been sending their love and support to the idol sisters. They couldn’t believe such a reputable station would let that happen, yet they praised the way Jessica handles the whole situation quite well.