This Idol Is Becoming A Hot Topic For Doing A Birth Control CF

This Idol Is Becoming A Hot Topic For Doing A Birth Control CF

Recently Girl’s Day member Yura has starred in a CF involving birth control, in both Chinese and Korean, and the hot topic seems to have stirred up some controversy among fans.

The singers CF was released last week and showcased Yura with a chic style as she casually discusses her “birth control choice.” Yura is claimed to be the first idol to star in this sort of CF and fans aren’t enjoying it saying that it feels“a bit inappropriate.”

Netizens mostly attacked the idol questioning her image saying, “Wow, she’s not an actress but a female idol. Her label must be very open”, “Why did she film such CF??”, ”Seriously?? lol.” Fortunately, there were some fans who felt it wasn’t so negative after all – especially since Yura is an adult.

Comments stated, “What’s wrong with birth control? It’s not only for protection purposes and why are people against an idol filming a CF for it?”, “No need to worry about her image. It’s weirder to be hiding the birth control.”The commercial even sparked some discussion among netizens regarding the naivety of Korea on topics like this. The debate leads to comments such as “Our country has a negative perspective on birth control and OB/GYN. That needs to change”, “It’s used to control period schedule. It’s also for treatment purposes. People are so stereotypical”, “Some don’t even know what birth control is.” Check out the alarming video down below and see if it really shocks you or not.

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