This Idol Floods Time Square With Birthday Ads

This Idol Floods Time Square With Birthday Ads

Today marks the 28th birthday of one of Girls’ Generation’s most popular member Tiffany! International fans based in the U.S. made it extra special by flooding New York City’s Time Square with Birthday ads!

As shown above, Tiffany’s photo with the words “Happy Birthday Tiffany Hwang” can be seen glowing up the streets of New York. Fans trended the hashtag#IJustWannaTIFFANYfor her birthday, and also glammed up Times Square with bright pink colors – the fan colors of Girls’ Generation.

Fans also posted another ad to celebrate her debut anniversary as well! It seems that Tiffany and SONEs have a lot to celebrate in the month of August! Fans shared the photo with Tiffany and other SONEs mainly on Instagram and Twitter.

Tiffany is the first Korean idol to be featured on both the NASDAQ Thompson Reuters boards, making her a record holder on her birthday. Congratulations, Tiffany!