This Artist Thinks Song Joong Ki Stole Song Hye Kyo From Him

This Artist Thinks Song Joong Ki Stole Song Hye Kyo From Him

The August 1st airing of ‘Video Star,’ got a little heated when one artist was questioned about his love interest towards Song Hye Kyo and they responded that Song Joong Ki took her away from him.

Comedian Kim Ki Soo had admitted in the past that Song Hye Kyo was his “ideal type” and he liked “petite woman.” He restated the same things during the broadcast as well. During the ‘Video Star’ program, the MCs said, “Kim Ki Soo’s ideal type is Song Hye Kyo. Didn’t you say that you were taken away by Song Joong Ki’s proposal a while ago?” Kim Ki-soo nodded in agreement.

When asked how he reacted to seeing the news, Kim Ki Soo responded saying, “I turned off the computer,” and “I like a free/single woman.” However, fans felt a little disgruntled by his comments and he was previously in the news for netizens claiming he was undergoing a gender change (similar to Harisu) due to his extremely feminine appearance.

What do you think of Ki Soo’s words? A little out of place or simply hilarious? Let us know down below. In other news, the Song-Song couple will be getting married on October 31st and have received blessings from both of their families.