This artist makes posters inspired by iconic images in Studio Ghibli movies

This artist makes posters inspired by iconic images in Studio Ghibli movies

This artist took their love of  Studio Ghibli to the next level with these amazing poster creations.

Jordan Bolton is a photographic poster artist from the UK who makes beautiful and extremely detailed posters of four different Studio Ghibli films!

Every item in each poster was precisely arranged in a way to reflect the mood of the film. In the first poster, Jordan chose the 2001 film Spirited Away, and with the iconic No-Face mask in the center, and other iconic imagery around it.

Spirited Away poster. Made by recreating original objects from the film. Prints available on Amazon Etsy @ #spiritedaway #hayaomiyazaki #studioghibli #myneighbortotoro #princessmononoke #howlsmovingcastle #art #poster #movieposter #filmposter #japan #film #movie

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Jordan makes every little piece in the poster himself, then photographs them and makes a poster. Each poster can contain up to 100 pieces.

Every single piece is taken directly from the film and is part of the identity of each movie. He explained how he selected each figure.

ones that [have] been included by the set designers not to get the audiences attention but to provide them with an atmosphere and color palette while not detracting from the characters.

Check out his awesome Studio Ghibli posters below!

The essence of Studio Ghiblis 1988 film, My Neighbor Totoro is perfectly captured in Jordans poster.Jordan also created this homage to the companys 1997 movie, Princess Mononoke, complete with the wild princess weapons and clothing.Centered around Sophies signature hat, this poster based on 2005s Howls Moving Castle highlights the small details put into the movie.Probably Miyazakis, and Ghiblis, most famous work, Jordans poster for Spirited Away is filled with items immediately recognizable to fans of the movie.