This Amazing BTS-Themed Café In Thailand Is Now Open

This Amazing BTS-Themed Café In Thailand Is Now Open

An incredible BTS-themed cafe named BTS BRICK LIVE CAFÉ recently made a grand opened in Bangkok, Thailand and it looks absolutely splendid!

If your a fan of BTS and a fan of LEGO, then this is the perfect café for you! BRICK LIVE partnered with the LEGO company to create a café that seamlessly integrates LEGO, BTS, and the whole meal experience. BTS BRICK LIVE CAFÉ serves a variety of treats and beverages such as waffles and coffee and resides on the first floor of the SHOW DC mall in Bangkok. This the only place we know of where you can enjoy your meal and/or coffee underneath an enormous LEGO mural of the BTS members

Check out photos of the café below and see for yourself why this place is a must see for any BTS fan:

The BTS LEGO mural.The display is enormous.A closeup of the wall made of LEGO bricks.A casual dining area.The cafes menu and front counter.The BTS cafe entrance complete with a sign and TV.In case you still didnt have enough BTS, there is also this cutout of the crew.

This café could seat an ARMY.BTS actually ate at the café!Looks like the boys approve.Their orders look delicious.An order of waffles and a cold drink from the BTS café.The LEGO concept is even included in the menu items. A chocolate LEGO figure stands on top of a waffle.

Source: BangtanPaenboi and Asia Today