These MVs of TWICE Have Over 200 Million Views

These MVs of TWICE Have Over 200 Million Views

TWICE are just one girl group that keeps on growing and growing! The girls have achieved another amazing feat as two of their MVs have garnered over 200 Million views on YouTube alone.

It was reported that on August 9th at around 1 AM, TWICE’s MV for “Cheer Up” had received over 200 Million views. Their MV “TT” had also reached that same mark in the past as well.

As a result of this achievement, TWICE have become the first K-Pop girl group to achieve and hold the record of receivingthat many views on one music video alone – let alone two! It seems to be their lucky number, huh?

Their most recent track “Signal” is coming in close and is about to hit the 100 Million viewer mark as well. JYP also spoke about the hype stating, “When “Signal” reaches 100 Million views, TWICE will be a milestone on YouTube’s ‘Top Five Consecutive Views’ for their active songs.” Let’s hope the girls earn another victory for K-Pop!

In other news, TWICE are currentlybusy debuting and promoting in Japan! Keep up the good work, girls!