These Chinese Girls Are Going Viral For Being Photoshop Masters

These Chinese Girls Are Going Viral For Being Photoshop Masters

These Chinese girls have been getting huge recognition for their photoshop ability to change their appearances into completely different looks than they had before all with their smartphones.

The girls have mastered photoshopping to give themselves the appearances they desire to have in their untouched pictures. The most amazing part is that they dont look like surreal people or characters.

Theyve mastered photoshop enough to make the pictures still resemble themselves. The transformation for each girl has been similar in the way they would like to look.

She still looks like herself source: iFeng

Small parts like the size of their nose and lips were given smaller proportions and their eyes were shaped bigger. All the girls molded their body to look slimmer in their final photo.

Her facial proportions are smaller source: qqzyw.comBigger eyes and smaller nose source: iFeng

In each photoshop the girls learned how to shape their faces into a more oval shape compared to the square or round shape they originally had which made their faces look smaller.

Her face is clearly smaller source:

They took inches off their waists, arms, and hips to have a smaller frame overall. If they were standing up in their photo, they made themselves a little taller than they were before. None of the girls forgot to brighten the photo.

Shes taller and skinnier source: inewsHer arms, hips, and waits are all smaller source: iFeng

There time these girls have taken to change their photos have gone viral as before and after pictures. Their skills at photoshopping are unbelievably advanced. With the amount of change theyve gotten out of it, theyre still able to have the photos resemble them.