There Is A Forest In South Korea Named After G-Dragon

There Is A Forest In South Korea Named After G-Dragon

With the combined efforts of a G-Dragon fansite and a crowdfunding service, a forest of citrus trees bearing the G-Dragons name was opened up on Jeju Island.

How sweet of the fans to create something so thoughtful in the artists name. Source: Wikitree

The project began in August 2016 and was planned to be ready for opening in time for the singers 29th birthday on August 18 this year. The forest, which consists of 50 citrus trees, was created by the joined efforts of a G-Dragon fan site, Always-GD, and a Seoul-based crowdfunding organization for tree planting, Tree Planet.

The opening was held on May 14, nice and early and ready for the singers birthday.

Harvests gathered from the citrus trees will be donated to charity and the forest will be used for social events like citrus picking.

The 50 citrus trees will be put to good use helping charity and encouraging local activities!

It is the second forest named after G-Dragon, adding to the one created in Yeouido, Seoul back in 2014.

Source: KPOPHERALD, Tree Planet