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Son Seung Yeon and 'Voice Korea' singers to crew as feminine g.o.d on 'Immortal Song'

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Son Seung Yeon and 'Voice Korea' singers to crew as feminine g.o.d on 'Immortal Song'

Son Seung Yeon and her fellow singers from "Voice Korea" may be grouping in combination as the feminine g.o.d on an upcoming episode of "Immortal Song".

The monster rookie will be joined through Yoo Sung EunWoo Hye Mi, Ji Sae Hee, and season 2 winner Lee Ye Joon to channel the five individuals of the mythical idol organization g.o.d. They"re lately stated to be getting ready a great stage, and with Son Seung Yeon"s recognition at the show, audience will have to look forward to it!

This episode, that will also feature Hwang Chi Yeol, Shin Yong Jae, TEEN TOP, G-Friend, and Kim Feel, will air on December 12.

Yoo Sung Eun from “Voice Korea Season 1″ Returns With New Album After Long Break

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Yoo Sung Eun from “Voice Korea Season 1″ Returns With New Album After Long Break Singer Yoo Sung Eun may be freeing a mini album, her first in two years and 3 months.

On September 27, a representative said, “Yoo Sung Eun will be releasing her 2d mini album mid October and meet with fans.”

Her remaining album “BE OK” used to be released in July 2013. Despite the reality that she has released a couple of singles and drama sound tracks between now and then, lovers are desperate to in the end greet a new album.

Yoo Sung Eun first was known via Mnet’s “Voice Korea Season 1” in 2012 after winning moment position with her robust voice. previous this year, she took on acting as smartly in Mnet’s song drama “Persevere, Goo Hae Ra.” She also released her rated R unmarried “Marijuana” last August.

Starship Entertainment denies SISTAR"s Bora is dating former "Voice Korea" contestant Sam Goo

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Starship Entertainment denies SISTAR

Starship Entertainment has shut down rumors aboutSISTAR"s Boradating former "Voice Korea" contestant Sam Goo.

The agency addressed the news on April 30, completely shutting down the dating rumors. Starship stated,"It makes no sense that Bora is dating Sam Goo. She doesn"t even really know who Sam Goo is. It"s definitely not true." The rep continued, "He did come to greet Bora recently as she was the host for KBS 2TV"s "Music Bank". This has caught us offguard."

Sam Goo previously competed on Mnet"s "Voice Korea" in 2012, and Bora recently collaborated with Kisum, Lil Cham, and JACEfor the song "Feedback".

Looks like the rumors are false, folks!

Mnet’s “The Voice of Korea” Will Likely Not Hold The Third Season

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Mnet’s “The Voice of Korea” Will Likely Not Hold The Third Season

A representative of Mnet revealed that the audition show, “ The Voice of Korea” (also known as “Voice Korea” has planned an ending to the show.

According to broadcast insiders, it seems as a third season for “Voice Korea” will be extremely difficult.

After starting in 2012 with season one, “Voice Korea” aired its second season last year. Previously, Mnet was planning on carrying out the third season earlier this year, but as 2014 is nearing its end, it seems like the third season of “Voice Korea” will not happen.

Initially, Mnet has bought the publication rights of the show format from Universal Music for three seasons, it would make sense for Mnet to air another season since they have already paid for it.

However, insiders from Mnet has expressed that “Voice Korea” will not be profitable for the channel. Different from other Mnet audition programs like “Super Star K,” the profits from the show’s digital singles go to the copyright holder Universal Music, not Mnet.

As the industry has been also on a decline in terms of profits from commercials, Mnet seems hesitant to continue with “Voice Korea.” “‘Voice Korea’ definitely has a different charm from ‘Super Star K,’” said a representative from Mnet. “But as the show is not very financially profitable for both Mnet and the winners, we are hesitant to continue with it.” calls 2NE1 the biggest girl group in South Korea on 'The Voice Australia'

News via calls 2NE1 the biggest girl group in South Korea on 'The Voice Australia'

On a recent episode of "The Voice Australia," coach brought up 2NE1 while trying to convince Korean contestant and opera singer Elly Oh to join his team.

Voice of Korea's Choi Sung Eun Reveals Parents' Day Song

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Voice of Korea's Choi Sung Eun Reveals Parents' Day Song Singer Choi Sung Eun revealed her arrangement of the original parents" day song "The Saddest Parents" Day Song in the World".

On April 30, Choi Sung Eun"s agency rep commented: "Choi Sung Eun made "The Saddest Parents" Day Song in the World" for Parents" Day on May 8. She has also released a illustration clip expressing the love of parents for their children."

"The Saddest Parents" Day Song in the World" features the sad voice of Choi Sung Eun on a mellow piano sound.

Agency staff stated: "Choi Sung Eun expressed her experience in making of the song, singing about the days that she has spent working at a live cafe to help her mother when her real passion was in music. Her heart and love for her parents are embedded in the song."

Meanwhile, Choi Sung Eun had previously received positive acclaim during her appearance in Mnet "Voice of Korea: Season 2".

“Voice Korea” Ji Se Hee to make a comeback on March 11

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“Voice Korea” Ji Se Hee to make a comeback on March 11

Ji Se Hee will return to the music scene with her first mini-album “Blooming“!

The talented singer is preparing for her comeback with the help of her “Voice Korea” former mentor Kangta!

Ji Se Hee debuted last April with her single album “OneOnly” last April, earning love with her sweet and emotional voice.

Kangta has lent his helping hand in Ji Se Hee’s upcoming comeback by composing the title track for her mini-album.

Ji Se Hee’s agency Louders Entertainment announced, “Ji Se Hee”s first album is filled with the sorrowful atmosphere that suits her powerful and husky voice… It is an album that various artists participated in so it would be good to anticipate Ji Se Hee”s comeback.”

“Blooming” will be released on March 11th! Stay tuned!

“Voice Korea Season 1” Contestant Oh Seul Gi Sheds 13kg Prior to Debut

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“Voice Korea Season 1” Contestant Oh Seul Gi Sheds 13kg Prior to DebutSinger Oh Seul.Gi, who as a contestant on Mnet’s “Voice Korea Season 1,” revealed her new image.

On December 25, Oh Seul Gi posted on her Twitter account, “December 27! My first single will be released. As a way of celebrating. Was this me?” Along with the message, she posted a photo comparing her image when she was on “Voice Korea Season 1” to her image now. The photo shows a drastic difference of the singer 13kg lighter than when she was on the show.

A representative of her label stated, “Oh Seul Gi gained a lot of weight from the stress of having to deal with personal issues that delayed her debut. However, for five month prior to the photo shoot for her new album, she ate one meal a day with exercise achieving a 13kg weight loss. She continues to learn cross-fit in order to maintain a healthy fit body.”

Oh Seul Gi received much praise from judge Shin Seung Hun during her appearance on “Voice Korea Season 1,” and receive much attention as she battle against Son Seung Yeon singing Bubble Sister’s “It’s Raining Men” which showcased her powerful vocal range.

Meanwhile, Oh Seul Gi’s debut single, “Mini Drama” is due for release on December 27. 

‘The Voice’ is coming to Korea

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‘The Voice’ is coming to Korea

Shin Seung Hun, Baek Ji Young, Kang Ta, and Leessangs Gil are joining forces to find the top musicians in the country.

Mnets Voice Korea stated on the 10th that Shin Seung Hun, Baek Ji Young, Kang Ta, and Gil have been confirmed as the four coaches for the new program.

We worked hard to put together four of Koreas top musicians that possess their own unique talents, they said.

Legendary singer Shin Seung Hun remarked, I liked that I would be able to become a music coach for hopefuls and help them bring out their unique colors and grow as musicians. I hope that this program will be helpful in finding some of the best musicians in the country.

Each of the coaches will become a team with their contestants and put on an audition. A representative from the program stated, Whats unique about this program is that instead of judges, there are coaches. The coaches will be able to take the contestants under their wing and help them become the best.

Voice Korea is the Korean version of the famous music survival program, The Voice. The coaches will judge the contestants based on their singing talents alone, without being able to see their appearance or stage performances.

[Spoiler] Why did Kangta spill tears on ‘Voice Korea 2′?

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[Spoiler] Why did Kangta spill tears on ‘Voice Korea 2′?

Kangta broke his usual charisma to unearth his compassionate side on Mnets Voice Korea 2.

The competition became more intense on the May 10th episode when Kangtas team, consisting of Kim Woo Hyun, Lee Jung Suk, and Jang Jun Su, faced off for the one ticket available to move onto the live broadcast competition.

Although all three of Kangtas singers received good reviews from the judges with their impressive stages, Kangta was only able to choose one and hesitantly called out the name, Lee Jung Suk. He then went on stage to comfort the other contestants and suddenly broke down in tears.

Kim Jin Pyo responded in shock, This is really my first time seeing coach Kangta unable to control his emotions like this.

Kangta revealed the reason for his tears, sharing, I shared eye contact with the two friends who lost and I just felt so sorry. Those two worked harder than anyone else. I grew attached to them, and I began to cry at the thought of having to leave them.