The Ultimate Guide of Figuring Out the Top Female Celebrity of the Time in South Korea (Ft. Soju)

The Ultimate Guide of Figuring Out the Top Female Celebrity of the Time in South Korea (Ft. Soju)

In Korea, it’s apparent that you have joined the Korea’s top female celebrity list by looking at which advertisement you are chosen to represent. If you got the famous refrigerator brand, makeup brand, and shampoo brand, you are pretty much at the top. Now, there’s an advertisement that beats all three of those. It’s the Soju advertisement!

You know those clear liquid that comes in green glass bottles? The one your favorite K-drama heroin gets so drunk on after sipping couple of those shot glasses? YES, that’s South Korea’s most loved drink of all time, Soju. Since Soju is such a beloved substance in South Korea, it’s natural that only the top of the top female celebrities gets chosen to be a model for all the Soju brands.

The 3 top soju brands includes “Real Dew (Cham-isul)”, “Like First Time (Cheo-um-cheo-rum)”, and “Good Day (Jo-eun-Day)”. Over the course of time, each brand took only the best as their model at the time!

Let’s see who all have walk the path of that honor and glory!

The beginning of Soju model! She was the face of the Real Dew for ’98 and ’99.

The actress took over as the model in 2004.

In 2010, actress Lee Min-jung took the baton!

Present time, IU is the face of the Real Dew, starting in 2014. For the first time ever, the Real Dew company re-signed the contract with a same model for 3 years in a row.

As the biggest sexy icon in South Korea, Queen Lee Hyori was the face of this Soju brand from 2007 to 2012. People still say that Lee Hyori’s the face of this Soju.

In 2014, actress Shin Min-a took over as the representative.

Present time, Suzy is now the new face of Like First Time. Which was a great choice since she is famous as the “National First Love”.

In 2012, Park Han-byeol was selected as the face of Good Day.

As she debuted in 2002 as a girl group, she’s been called to various shows and dramas, which led her to join the top female celebrity list quickly and she was selected as the face of this Soju brand in 2014.

Present day, our adorable Park Bo-young was selected as the representative starting 2016. With her, Soju almost seems harmless and friendly! Haha.