The Truth Behind Song Joong Ki And Song Hyo Kyo Split

The Truth Behind Song Joong Ki And Song Hyo Kyo Split

Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo have been the stuff of headlines as they are reported to have broken up with each other. The reports stating that they have split started to surface when Song Hye Kyo had a change of image.

Just recently, Song Hye Kyo can be seen sporting a new hair, which is shorter than her normal hairstyle. However, the surprising thing about this is that news about their break up surfaced even though the two K-pop idols haven’t confirmed that they are really in a relationship.

According to Korea Portal, it might be possible that Song Hye Kyo decided to cut her hair short to show that she is now moving on in her life after a potential break up with rumored boyfriend, Song Joong Ki. But then again, the reason why Song Hye Kyo cut her hair short is probably due to the season, knowing that summer is coming really soon.

Because of the fact that it is very surprising to see Song Hye Kyo sporting a new hairstyle, the fans of the two Korean idols can’t help but speculate about the possibility that their romantic relationship might really be over. Indeed, there might be a dozen reasons that point out to Song Hye Kyo making a decision to cut her hair short.

It is worth knowing that one of the most common things that people do when they experience a break up is to cut their hair short. In Song Hye Kyo’s case, it might just be the reason. According to another report by Korea Portal, it might also be possible that Gong Yoo’s desire to do a project together with Song Hye Kyo might be the reason for their possible break up.

However, there are still no confirmations that they are indeed couples, or have ended their relationship. What’s best to do now is to just wait or any official statement coming from the two Korean idols.