The Truth Behind Lee Jong Suk Decling 'Dream' Movie Offer

The Truth Behind Lee Jong Suk Decling 'Dream' Movie Offer

It was indeed a big surprise to everyone to know that Lee Jong Suk rejected an offer to him to play as the lead role in the upcoming movie, “Dream”. Lee Byeong Heon is the director of the movie, and is best known for his previous film, “Twenty” and “Be Positive”.

As of now, Lee Jong Suk is reported to be busy filming her upcoming drama series together with Suzy Bae. And because of this, most people believe that this is the main reason why he declined the offer for the lead role.

YG Entertainment, the management company of Lee Jong Suk, says that it was never confirmed that Lee Jong Suk will be appearing in “Dream”. The company then added that Lee Jong Suk was still reviewing the offer during those times.

It was then clarified that his appearance in the movie wasn’t cancelled, but instead, he declined and rejected it. According to All K-pop, it was because of the change in schedule for the filming of “Dream” that Lee Jong Suk decided to politely reject the offer.

With this, one can clearly see that the two main reasons why Lee Jong Suk rejected the offer is because he is focusing more on his role in “While You Were Sleeping”. It is a K-drama where he will be working with Suzy Bae, as her love tandem.

According to Asia Starz, Lee Jong Suk will be taking the role of Jung Jae Chan, while Suzy Bae will be Nam Hong Jun, who is reported to be capable of seeing the future through her dreams.

With all of these being said, Lee Jong Suk can clearly be seen as a person who is focusing on his career in an orderly and organized manner. He surely still has a lot of successful milestones that are coming his way.