Boyfriend's Donghyun and B1A4's Sandeul Cast for "The Thousandth Man" Musical

Boyfriend's Donghyun and B1A4's Sandeul Cast for "The Thousandth Man" Musical

Boyfriends Donghyun and B1A4s Sandeul Cast for The Thousandth Man MusicalBoyfriends leader Donghyun as well as B1A4s main vocal Sandeul have been double cast for the musical, The Thousandth Man, for the lead role.

The Thousandth Man is a love story about a forgotten love and a legendary gumiho, with an ironical and humorous twist.

This is Sandeuls second musical after last years Brothers Were Brave while this is Donghyuns first musical.

Starship Entertainment revealed that Donghyun blew everyone away during the audition with his vocal skills and steady acting skills.

The Thousandth Man will premiere on September 28 in Tokyo.


Boyfriend Donghyun-B1A4 Sandeul Casted for Lead Role for Musical 'Thousandth Man'

Boyfriend Donghyun-B1A4 Sandeul Casted for Lead Role for Musical 'Thousandth Man'

B1A4, Sandeul, Boyfriend, Donghyun, Musical

Boyfriend Donghyun-B1A4 Sandeul Casted for Lead Role for Musical 'Thousandth Man' Boyfriend Donghyun-B1A4 Sandeul Casted for Lead Role for Musical Thousandth ManIdol group members Boyfriend Donghyun and B1A4 Sandeul have been chosen as lead roles for the musical 'Thousanth Man'.

Donghyun's agency stated, "Donghyun and Sandeul have been casted for this musical and will be doing a musical for the first time. Donghyun was chosen as the lead role after his first musical audition."

This musical will be gin this September in Japan at the AiiA Theater Tokyo.

On the other hand, Boyfriend has recently released a new song and is busy in Korea and Japan.


Infinites Sung Kyu Cameos as Woo Hyun

Infinites Sung Kyu Cameos as Woo Hyun"s Friend on One Thousandth Man

Infinite’s Sung Kyu is looking to display his acting chops with an upcoming cameo appearance.

In the upcoming episode of MBC’s One Thousandth Man, Infinite’s Sung Kyu will make a cameo appearance as Woo Hyun’s friend.

In the storyline, Sung Kyu plays a hardworking and upright student who comes from a modest economic family background and works part time jobs to pay his way through school.

With his mature character, Sung Kyu provides a lot of advice and support for Woo Hyun and his problems and comes to catch onto Woo Hyun’s feelings for Mi Jin (Kang Ye Won).

Sung Kyu reflected on filming for his role saying, “I’m happy I was able to film with Woo Hyun. Seeing Woo Hyun act was very new and he looked great. I too came to think that I would like to attempt acting as well.”

He lamented over the fact he had an eye disease during his filming however and shared, “I’m disappointed I wasn’t able to show my face clearly due to my eye disease.”

The episode airs on September 14.

Photo Credit: MBC

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[Spoiler] "The Thousandth Man": Episode 8 (Final) Recap

by: Raine


And here we have it, the finale. It's all done and I feel a little empty as I always tend to feel after a drama that I enjoy finishes. It definitely brought everything to a close in a way I can accept.

But the episode was also a lot weaker than the others. I think they could've spaced some things out over a few of the earlier episodes.

However, my favorite moment of the entire series is in this episode and it makes up for everything. It was so beautifully done that even thinking about it brings tears to my eyes. *sob*

We end the series at 3.2% according to AGB Nielsen Nationwide. Ignore that!

"The Thousandth Man" features Kang Ye-won, Hyomin and Lee Cheon-hee.

Episode 15 - I am an evil fox!

Episode 8 (final) recap

After Mi-jin scared Chef Seo, he drops the phone and leaves Eung-suk hanging. Then he runs to the police station to speak with a very unsympathetic cop.

Chef Seo recounts his tale: he was on the phone and that woman appeared upside down on his car. When he ran away, he saw a shadow with multiple tails on the wall.

Then we see Mi-jin raiding his car for her documents.

Seo ran to the police station and the cop thinks his story is a result of alcohol or a game. When Seo protests the cop's skepticism, he gets rather heated until he sees Mi-jin and flips out, hiding behind the desk.

So he's the fear monger of the show, eh?

Mi-jin is let inside the station and let's a very worried and surprised Eung-suk where she is. The cop asks to see her I.D., which states that she's 51.


The cop accuses her of forgery but she states that it's not. After telling him where she works and that she just knows Chef Seo as "some ahjussi" (even though she's older), Eung-suk walks in.

All three leave but Seo wants to stay longer (to avoid Mi-jin). He keeps stealing sidelong glances at Mi-jin who does the same. Eung-suk leaves with Mi-jin.

At home, he asks her what happened and tears pool in her eyes. Does he really want to know the truth? She doesn't think he'll believe it, but she tells him anyway because she doesn't want to lie to him anymore. Chef Seo is right; she is a gumiho. He is confused and she explains that she wanted him to remember her as a human until the end; not like this.

She flashes back to the day her Goryeo Dynasty husband discovered that she was a gumiho. She is backed against a gate, bleeding. He wants to know if it's true. Then, Mi-jin continues in a voice over: she didn't want it to end like this; she wanted him to remember her as a human until the end.

The guards come and spot the blood trail and chase her off, leaving her husband to stare incredulously after her as it begins to rain.

I'm interpreting this to mean that she thought the same thing during her last day with her husband as she said to Eung-suk. I'm guessing she never got to say the words she wanted to say to her husband. It's like she's fulfilling a cycle now.

(That clock was a really good set touch.)

Eung-suk remembers Chef Seo telling him that he clearly saw Mi-jin with tails. Then he tells her that it doesn't matter if she's human or gumiho, he'll never leave her. Then he hugs her and tells her not to worry.

Mi-sun is at home looking tired and ragged when Mi-mo calls. Turns out Mi-mo snuck out to let her mother sleep because she seems to sick/tired to come to work. Mi-mo tells her that she can't stay up all night anymore and Mi-sun says she never worried like this as a gumiho.

Welcome to being human, sista. We worry like nobody's business.

Mi-sun wonders if Eung-suk will be Mi-jin's last man and Mi-mo hopes so. Then she encourages her mother who will be to work shortly. After they hang up, we see how exhausted and anxious Mi-sun truly is.

Uh, the family aspect of this drama kills me. KILLS ME.

Mi-jin watches Eung-suk sleep but when he wakes, she's gone. He searches for her and then ends up nosing through her box. He finds the husband's knife - he seems to find it curious.

When Mi-sun enters her office, she finds Mi-jin huddled in the corner, brooding. She told Eung-suk everything and Chef Seo saw her true form. Mi-sun flips out and runs out of the room.

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[Spoiler] "The Thousandth Man": Episode 7 Recap

by: Raine


This episode had a lot crammed into it and moved a little fast for me. But it's a television show and only eight episodes at that, so I'll cut it some slack. I really love the family element that it has going, but the romance has been put aside for the mystery that is Gu Mi-jin. I hope we bring back the romance in the last episode because, well, that's why Mi-jin is willing to die, right?

Oh yes, ratings went up to 4.5% according to AGB Nielsen Nationwide.

"The Thousandth Man" features Kang Ye-won, Hyomin and Lee Cheon-hee.

Episode 13 - Are you happy because you're a fox?

episode 7 recap

Mi-jin wakes up the next morning and tries to remember The Recipe that Jang-geum taught her. Downstairs Eung-suk makes her French toast. She is disappointed by the lack of meat. She needs meat for breakfast but he says that this is all there is today - they need to make room for the king's royal dish.

Oooh, them's fighting words. She takes up the challenge.

Mi-mo is running (and she looks really funny running). Apparently she's left poor Woo-hyun behind and is annoyed that he followed her. He's annoyed she didn't remember their promise to exercise together, but she doesn't really care - he started liking her by himself. Finally fed up, he stops her by yanking off her headphones and asks how much more he has to like her? Taking a moment to think, she replies that he has to be willing to die.

I guess Mi-jin's willingness to sacrifice her life for love has really jarred her.

Woo-hyun looks like he's having trouble swallowing that statement.

Mi-jin sniffs out Mi-mo and sits her down to ask for The Recipe that they learned from Jang-geum.

Flash back to the royal kitchen where Jang-geum asks Mi-jin and Mi-mo to make a steamed dish with prawns even though they've never done it before. They are tasked find the best ingredients to accompany prawns. Jang-geum is quite the peculiar character in speech and body language. She also prefers Mi-jin to Mi-mo, which elicits the funniest facial reactions from poor, little Mi-mo.

Mi-jin's ingredients are accepted with a pleased smile while Mi-mo's get dumped out. Finally, Mi-mo can't stand it and says that Mi-jin cheated, she saw how this was made before. Jang-geum orders Mi-mo to clean instead of cook and Mi-jin jumps to her sister's defense, saying Mi-mo was correct. Jang-geum isn't pleased, but gives Mi-jin another chance - try to make the sauce because she won't know the ingredients just by looking.

As Mi-jin prepares, it jumps to the present where she does the same in front of her very curious audience of two. When Chef Seo tries to taste it, she stops him and another flashback explains that Jang-geum taught not to taste it but to do it by feel. Apparently tasting ruins the food.

In the present, Seo comments that trusting one's fingers over tasting is something only top chefs do.

Eung-suk tries the dish and does not look very impressed. Seo chides him and tries the dish. He starts crying and then praises it. She's happy about that but is concerned about Eung-suk's reaction.

She gazes at him and remembers that he has an illness. If it's not in his body, where is it?

My take on this scene is that the taste shocks Eung-suk and the facts that start adding up aren't equaling a conclusion he can readily believe. That and he may not be feeling well. In the first episode, Eung-suk stared at a jar of salt forlornly. Perhaps the tumor is affecting his taste buds?

We find Eung-suk at the hospital where he asks about a terminal patient that needs men. Hahaha! The doctor thinks it's a coping mechanism or perhaps despair. When Eung-suk continues to question, the doctor urges him to focus on himself.

Eung-suk asks how long he's going to live, a question he's never asked before. He was calm when diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor but he wants to live now. The doctor says he can't promise anything.

Mi-sun and Mi-mo talk about Mi-jin. Mi-mo has cut her hair and it flips out like a '50s housewife 'do. They're talking about Mi-jin and the fact that she won't give up her belief for her last liver. Mi-mo then asks if there is a man who'd give up his liver for her and when Mi-sun says "yes", Mi-mo teases her that she's lying. Mi-sun shoots back that men just hit on Mi-mo. They make a bet and then Mi-mo assures Mi-sun that Mi-jin will take any ol' liver when it comes down to it.



[Spoiler] "The Thousandth Man": Episode 5 Recap

by: Raine

This episode is the pivotal point of the drama. The end is in sight and I have a few ideas about what that ending holds.

Episode 6 came in at 4.2% according to AGB Nielsen Nationwide.

"The Thousandth Man" features Kang Ye-won, Hyomin and Lee Cheon-hee.

Episode 11 - Gu Mi-jin begins!

Episode 6 recap

A class of young gumihos learn the best ways to choose livers. While young Mi-mo excels in concocting schemes to steal men's livers, Mi-jin is concerned with making the men fall in love with her. Teacher says: FAIL! Mi-jin must bring out her tails to be beaten by a bamboo stick; then teacher wants to tell mom how bad her kid is. Mi-jin cries and begs for forgiveness.

Present day: Mi-jin begs her mother for forgiveness because once a trouble maker, always a trouble maker! Mi-sun thinks her daughter screwed up in choosing to date Eung-suk (who Mi-sun calls "Beanpole") for love rather than for his liver. Mi-mo wants Eung-suk to live and wants her sister to pick a different liver donor love interest.

Still harping on choosing murder over love, eh mommy dearest?

Chef Seo slides a white envelope over the single dining table in Last. He thought he was more than just a chef to Eung-suk; he thought he was a hyung. Eung-suk, of course, is horrified by this apparent resignation. He knows he hasn't been paying enough attention to Seo, but still, "this" is wrong.

Seo points out that Eung-suk has been leaving the restaurant all the time, staying out late and being overall girl crazy. He wonders if Eung-suk likes "the bold one" or someone else. Eung-suk isn't quite ready to divulge his crush and asks his hyung to be patient. With reluctance, Seo agrees and rises. Eung-suk offers him the white envelope back, which Seo scoffs at. It's the receipts for the cabbages.

BWAHAHAHA! Nice play, Chef Seo.

Mi-sun sits in her office worrying over what to do about her daughter who has fifteen days to live. She remembers watching the 2002 World Cup semi-finals between Korea and Spain. She is alone, excitedly banging a pot and spoon as Korea wins the game. Just then, Mi-mo calls. She has become human. Overwhelmed with relief and pride for her country, Mi-sun cries.

A little while later, Mi-jin comes home, excited about Korea's win but Mi-sun is now sober. Although Mi-jin has ten years to find her last liver, Mi-sun still worries. Each time she sees Mi-jin's tails come out every full moon or each time she sees her daughter consume raw meat, she is deeply troubled. Mi-jin reminds her mother that what is important to her is not that she become human, but HOW she becomes human.

She promises her mom she will become human and be a good daughter to her.

Why does this promise give me a feeling of dread?

In the present, Mi-sun assures herself that the decision she made was the right one. Secretary Park enters and questions the decision, but immediately scurries away at her orders.

What. A. Pansy.

Mi-jin comes to work only to find that everyone, including her mother and sister, is ignoring her. Why? Mi-sun's plan is to pretend that she doesn't have a daughter like Mi-jin - Mi-jin shouldn't appear before them again. Then she and Mi-mo leave her shocked and alone in the office.

Secretary Park carries out Mi-sun's plan by brining all of Mi-jin's things to Last. Eung-suk and Chef Seo are surprised and Park is purposefully vague as to whose belongings these are. But the Last staff guesses that its Mi-jin's.

When Park leaves, Seo wonders if Eung-suk has done something he should take responsibility for. Kekekekeke! But Eung-suk shushes him so that he can think.

Mi-jin goes home and sees her room has been cleared out. Mi-sun has gone all out to bring her daughter to her senses.

For once, I don't absolutely detest a mother's interference. This is literally a life and death situation and Mi-sun is doing what she believes will push Mi-jin towards her last liver.

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EXID to Sing

EXID to Sing "Hey Boy" OST for Sitcom, "Thousandth Man"

EXID, Thousandth Man

EXID to Sing Hey Boy OST for Sitcom, Thousandth ManRookie girl group EXID will be singing the last OST for the MBC fantasy sitcom, "Thousandth Man."

The song "Hey Boy" is the girl version of the main title song, "Hey Girl," sung by B1A4. Famous producer Shinsadong Tiger produced this song by editing and remaking the original version.

The "Thousandth Man" OST features other artists such as G.NA, Block B and others for a total of 12 tracks.

The "Thousandth Man" OST album will release online on October 11.


EXID sings the OST titled Hey Boy for The Thousandth Man

EXID sings the OST titled Hey Boy for The Thousandth Man

EXID sings the OST titled “Hey Boy” for ‘The Thousandth Man’

Rookie girl group EXID has participated in the OST for MBC’s fantasy drama, ‘The Thousandth Man’.

On October 11th, EXID released their new single “Hey Boy”, which is the female version of B1A4’s “Hey Girl”.

The song, which has a fresh and upbeat rhythm, was rearranged by hit producer Shinsadong Tiger.

Listen to the song below!


'The Thousandth Man' Lee Chun Hee, Will He Give Up His Liver

'The Thousandth Man' Lee Chun Hee, Will He Give Up His Liver

the thousandth man, lee chun hee

'The Thousandth Man' Lee Chun Hee, Will He Give Up His Liver?

Lee Chun Hee's final decision has everyone guessing.

On the October 5th episode of MBC's fantasy drama, "The Thousandth Man," Kim Eung Suk (Lee Chun Hee) becomes suspicious of Koo Mi Jin (Kang Ye Won) and her true identity.

Seo Kyung Suk, who was suspicious of Mi Jin's age, tells Eung Suk that he should do some research as well. Eung Suk had always heard strange soundbites from Mi Jin, who is honest by nature, and agreeing with Seo Kyung Suk, he goes to find Lee Yoon Suk.

Eung Seok brings in old books that Mi Jin has and Yoon Suk says that the writer is actually Mi Jin. Eung Suk now begins to worry about all these coincidences.

In the preview that followed, Eung Suk meets with Mi Jin and says, "You could write a scenario with this. Did your husband who was like me actually give you his liver?" Eung Suk, who had always ignored her, had finally decided to trust her.

Eung Suk embraces Mi Jin who realizes that her true identity has been revealed and says, "I don't care if you're a fox or a human," confessing his true love for her.

"The Thousandth Man" which only has one more episode until the finale, will keep the viewers guessing as to whether Eung Suk will give her his liver or if he will face death with her.