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Choi Siwon Serenades Liu Wen on Romantic final Episode of Chinese “We were given Married”

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Choi Siwon Serenades Liu Wen on Romantic ultimate Episode of Chinese “We got Married” Since this April, < robust>super Junior‘s < robust>Choi Siwon has been acting in the Chinese edition of “< robust>We got Married,” enidentifyd “< robust>We Are in Love,” at the side of his virtual wife stick insect< robust> Liu Wen.

In July 17′s episode, the 2 finish their romance whilst on a commute in Guam with a sequence of romantic occasions that culminates in Choi Siwon’s special serenade for Liu Wen. He also items her with couple rings for the either one of them – hers has his call engraved at the interior, and his has hers. They slip the rings on every other’s hands, and then she offers him a kiss at the cheek opposed to a background of the sun surroundings at the sea.

Choi Siwon and Liu Wen had been a highly regarded virtual couple in China, and lots of audience are of direction unhappy to look the finish to their romance at the display.

Mean whilst, Choi Siwon is lately in Korea selling super Junior’s new unmarried “< robust> satan” off their special 10th anniversary album.

Kim Won Joon and Park So Hyun share a romantic final date

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Kim Won Joon and Park So Hyun share a romantic final date

We Got Married couple Kim Won Joon and Park So Hyun shed tears over their breakup of their relationship.

On this week’s episode of ‘We Got Married Season 3’, singer Kim Won Joon and actress Park So Hyun shared their final date.  The couple had an enjoyable special ice skate event for the New Years despite knowing that this was their last day as a pretend married couple. However when they were warming themselves up at the cafe, they realized that there was only one hour left of their marriage and shed tears.

Kim Won Joon told Park So Hyun, “I don’t think I can ever forget the memories that we created together on ‘We Got Married’. I really loved you and I will protect you.

Park So Hyun replied “Even though our fake marriage is over, let’s still continue our friendship by keeping in touch. It’s sad, but when I think about the times we spent together. there are so many happy memories.” Instead of sharing her final thoughts with words, she gave Won Joon a warm hug.

Since he and Park So Hyun are no longer going to be a couple, many people are curious as to who will replace them. In next week’s preview it showed Super Junior’s Eunhyuk, Donghae, Sungmin, and Kyuhyun having a blind date with actresses Son Eun Seo, Shin So Yul, Lee Se Na, and a new rookie actress.

It has been asked if the couples from the blind will be appearing as new couples on the show and ‘We Got Married’’s  Director Kim Joon Hyun replied, “The spots are open. We’d like anyone who’d like to be on ‘We Got Married’ to tell us so we can think about it.

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Five of the maximum captivating and Romantic Male Leads in Korean Dramas This Year

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Five of the Most Charming and Romantic Male Leads in Korean Dramas This Year Many actors have made headlines for their charming and romantic roles in quite so much of popular dramas this year. take a glance at one of the crucial actors beneath who were in a position to catch the hearts of loads of fans!

Ryu Joon Yeol from tvN’s “Reply 1988” has earned himself the name of ‘the boy who makes girls’ hearts beat like they'll die.’ He plays a first-rate lead in the drama as Jung Hwan and is recently receiving numerous fame and love for his charismatic character. Being pals since they were little, Duk Sun, played through Hyeri, and Jung Hwan are at all times observed arguing with each and every other like siblings. However, when the 2 hastily get stuck in an alleyway together, Jung Hwan starts to shape an adorable, one-sided overwhelm on his long-time friend Duk Sun and starts to look her as a lady for the primary time. at the episode that aired on November 14, many audience fell in love with Jung Hwan’s manly aspect when he secure Duk Sun from the entire other folks pushing her around on a moving bus. Viewers commented on the scene saying, “This is crazy,” “I am at a loss for words,” and “So romantic.” ranging from Jung Hwan and Duk Sun’s first awkward, lovable ‘skin-ship’ scene in the alleyway to the scene where Jung Hwan’s incredibly romantic and manly facet is shown on the bus, Ryu Joon Yeol has indubitably done the process of grabbing the eye of many feminine viewers.

Park Seo Joon from MBC’s “She used to be Pretty,” has also recently gained many of love for his absolute best representation of the nature Ji Sung Joon. Many women may now not assist yet fall in love with the vice president of ‘Most’ magazine, a persona who acts stern and strict in public but is in reality, an innocent, candy cutie. thru “She Changed into Pretty,” which recently got here to an end, Park Seo Joon was capable of upward push prime in his prestige as an actor after 4 years since his debut. He acquired a wonderful amount of popularity acting as the 1st love of Kim Hye Jin (Hwang Jung Eum) and as the chic, manly romanticist of Ji Sung Joon. The drama was a wide luck with a high viewers score of 16.7 percent. because of the huge fulfillment of his outdated drama “Kill Me Heal Me,” Park Seo Joon is now being called the ‘King of Romantic Comedies.”

Watch “She Was Pretty” here at Viki.

Lee Sang Yoon, who played Cha Hyun Suk, Ha No Ra’s high college classmate in addition her present faculty professor, in tvN’s “Twenty Again,” also gained much reputation from female fanatics by way of this drama. Cha Hyun Suk, who is terribly pro in his house of work, becomes an immature teen on each occasion he's with his first love, Ha No Ra (Choi Ji Woo). He acts mean and pissed off when Ha No Ra is around but is continually highly affectionate and worrying in opposition to her through small movements he does for her without her knowing. This romantic and comedic side to Cha Hyun Suk has made many viewers’ hearts melt. Lee Sang Yoon was already highly regarded as an actor because of the his super instructional background, just right looks, and tall height. However, throughout the drama “Twenty Again,” he was ready to also get keep of the title of ‘King of Romantic Comedy.’ In an interview, Lee Sang Yoon said, “I was able to turn viewers a more comedic, mild side of me through this drama. It was anything they have got not visible before.”

Lee Dong Wook from tvN’s new drama, “Bubble Gum,” may be currently receiving much of love for his romantic courting with Jung Ryeo Won in the drama. The two characters they play were visitors since they were little till they slowly start to sort a more romantic, blameless relationship. The drama is hence about a romance that paperwork between two top peers and Lee Dong Wook plays the very best boyfriend that everybody needs for. Especially on the episode that aired on November 17, Lee Dong Wook grabbed at fans’ heartstrings when he acknowledged to Jung Ryeo Won, “I am the happiest user when i'm with you,” appropriate sooner than he went in for a horny kiss.

After two years since his remaining drama, So Ji Sub has returned through the latest drama on the list, “Oh My Venus.” Only after two episodes, So Ji Sub was able to gain much attention and love through his character’s caring and cool charms. Acting as the sector noted fitness trainer, Kim Young Ho, So Ji Sub acts as the ideal guy as he incessantly is helping Kang Joo Eun, played by Shin Min Ah, in different sticky situations. Many fans were especially completely happy throughout a scene when Kim Young Ho supports out a surprised Kang Joo Eun, who had fallen to the ground after she came upon her boyfriend with every other woman at a hotel. In this actual scene, Kim Young Ho helps Kang Joo Eun up and grabs her by the waist, making many fans swoon.

Watch “Oh My Venus” here at Viki.

Who was your favourite male lead in a Korean drama this year?

Final Winner of “Superstar K 7″ Crowned

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Final Winner of “Superstar K 7″ Crowned On the November 19 broadcast of Mnet’s audition program “Superstar K 7,” two finalists battled it out for the crown. The finals were split into two rounds between Kevin Oh and Chun Dan Bi. Kevin Oh had stood out from the crowd from his first audition with his guitar abilities and nice looking baritone voice, in spite of his awkward Korean. Chun Dan Bi inspired the judges and target market with her robust and explosive vocals, and masses of was hoping she would change into the primary feminine winner on “Superstar K 7.”

The first circular used to be a “free mission,” in which the contestants may just sing anything else they wanted. Kevin Oh chose to accomplish “Blue Dream,” a song about the pain of first love. “I poured into the song my emotions about my first love two years ago,” he said. “They were any person I enjoyed very much yet they left me for someone else. i used to be actually shocked.”

He conveyed the emotions of betrayal and harm with his trademark husky, low voice. One of the crucial judges, singer-songwriter Yoon Jong Shin said, “Kevin Oh’s sturdy issues would possibly feel unfamiliar for popular music, but it’s amazing that he has the heart to stay opting for his path.”

Chun Dan Bi conducted Park Mi Kyung’s “Distant Memories of You.” Sung Si Kyung, who had completed the song before, acknowledged that it turned into a excellent choice. In this first around she won a overall of 373 facets and beat Kevin Oh through one point.

In the 2d one round, singer Shin Seung Hoon teamed up with the finalists and wrote and produced songs only for them. Kevin Oh sang “Dream” whilst Chun Dan Bi sang “Star.”

“‘Dream’ is a song that fits me,” Kevin Oh said. “It’s about having dreams about music. It’s unhappy to think that here's the end.”

Chun Dan Bi led the moment round with 383 points while the national votes were tallied. In the end, Kevin Oh controlled to turn the sport around with the nationwide votes and was crowned the overall winner!

“I would like to say ‘I love you’ to my family, my father, my friends, and all those that got here from America. Thank you to each person for balloting for me.”

The runner-up, Chun Dan Bi said, “Thank you for permitting me to be successful in this level and thank you to the judges and team of workers who suffered even more than I did. Thank you to all people who voted and supported me.”

As the final winner, Kevin Oh will get maintain of 500 million won ($432,000), a luxury sedan, and the opportunity to unlock an album. As “Superstar K 7” is an Mnet show, he's going to carry out his debut stage at the “2015 MAMA.”

Park SEO Joon Has Romantic Words of Encouragement for Choi Siwon

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Park Seo Joon Has Romantic Words of Encouragement for Choi Siwon Actor Park Seo Joon showed his improve for Choi Siwon, who is beginning his army service, thru his Instagram account. Park Seo Joon posted a photoshopped image on his Instagram account on Novembr 19, in which Choi Siwon is hugging Park Seo Joon from the back. the 2 glance rather romantic!

The common photo used to be a still from the preferred drama “She Changed into Pretty,” in which Choi Siwon was hugging Hwang Jung Eum from behind.

Park Seo Joon also did no longer overlook to upload the comments, “I will seek suggestion from you in the army. Be safe, and get back soon.”

Choi Siwon began his militia education on November 19; he's going to whole the remainder of his military provider as a police officer.

Yoo Ah In and Shin Se Kyung Have Romantic Embody on “Six Flying Dragons”

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Yoo Ah In and Shin Se Kyung Have Romantic Embrace on “Six Flying Dragons” The tale of Lee Bang Won (Yoo Ah In) and Boon Yi (Shin Se Kyung) has were given enthusiasts short of more as their romantic come upon unfolds on SBS’s “Six Flying Dragons.”

The romantic storyline is grabbing attentions of the audience in spite of the truth the drama is decided in the heavy and intense backdrop of established order of the Joseon Dynasty. On November 16, the “Six Flying Dragons” team unveiled romantic still cuts between the 2 leading actors from the impending episode sending the fans of the drama into a frenzy.

Spoiler In the released still cuts, Lee Bang Won and Boon Yi are observed in an embrace. Lee Bang Won obviously presentations the torture he had to undergo in episodes 11 and 12 dressed in shabby garments with scars and cuts on his face. yet he gazes deeply into Boon Yi’s eyes and embraces her. Boon Yi is stuck via marvel and is startled by Lee Bang Won’s surprising embrace. Confusion and fear is obviously conveyed in her facial expression.

Until this moment, the two characters at all times had abrasive encounters with every other. At times, they bit or tied one another with ropes. It’s now not the common way you’d be expecting two lovers to regard one another. So, this unforeseen screen of love heightens viewers’ curiosities in hopes of a romance between them.

In episodes 11 and 12, Lee Bang Won used to be tortured by the army thank you to Lee In Gyum’s (Choi Jong Won) scheme. Boon Yi does the entire lot in her vitality to unencumber Lee Bang Won. She even visits Lee Bang Won’s prison cellular where he asks her if she likes him.

At the finish of episode 12, Lee Bang Won is released from jail and fans wait for more intimate encounters between the two characters as it's far true that one can fall in love with somebody who remains by their side in a serious situation. With Lee Bang Won’s release from jail, it will be the turning point of six dragons moving toward organising a nation.

“Six Flying Dragons” is SBS’s 25th Anniversary Special ancient Drama surrounding six passionate and ambitious figures growing the root for the Joseon Dynasty. “Six Flying Dragons” airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 10 p.m. KST.

Check out the newest episode of “Six Flying Dragons” here.

Gong Seung-yeon to seem in 'Six Flying Dragons': Will she be a hindrance to the romantic couple?

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Gong Seung-yeon to seem in 'Six Flying Dragons': Will she be a hindrance to the romantic couple?

Gong Seung-yeon will make her first appearance in "Six Flying Dragons" soon.

On November 16th, SBS" Monday & Tuesday drama, "Six Flying Dragons", has unveiled Gong Seung-yeon"s first still images. She plays Min Da-gyeong, who is a daughter to Min-je, circle of relatives head of the prestigious Haedong Gapjok clan. She later becomes Queen Won-gyeong as wife to Taejong Yi Bang-won (Yoo Ah-in).

Min Da-gyeong is an clever woman, who could also be an ideal conversationalist. Her resolution making abilities and steely mindset will provide an example of a robust woman. She is a political figure, who marries Ye Bang-won for just right "benefit" in keeping with her trust "There"s no love in troubled times" and is helping her husband to be enthroned later in addition puts herself in the queen"s position.

While the romance between Yoo Ah-in and Sin Se-kyeong (Boon-yi) is blossoming at the moment, how Gong Seung-yeon"s appearance in the drama will have an effect on the romance storyline is drawing attention.

The production team said, "Despite her young age, Gong Seung-yeon perfectly brought the robust woman, Min Da-gyeong persona to life. The addition of the hot character Min Da-gyeong and her household clan, Haedong Gapjok will bring new entertainment and adjustments to "Six Flying Dragons". Please remain tuned for more excitement".

Dongho & fiancee are so romantic in wedding pictorial

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Dongho & fiancee are so romantic in wedding pictorial

The photo studio in the back of former U-Kiss member Dongho"s wedding pictorial has shared some footage revealing Dongho"s gorgeous bride and a few romantic shots

The pictures are fantastically taken exhibiting their younger and romantic love. Dongho and his bride glance so glad whilst dressed in matches and wedding gowns. a specific candid photo appearing Dongho"s heart-fluttering smile is enthralling enthusiasts who remark that Dongho"s looks such a lot in love.

Dongho and his fiance who is a year older are getting married on November 28. Young and lovely couple in love! Congratulations!

Final Winner of “Unpretty Rapstar 2” Revealed

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Final Winner of “Unpretty Rapstar 2” Revealed After several controversies, the fierce all-female rap survival program “Unpretty Rapstar 2” has in any case crowned their winner!

The show’s 2nd season used to be highly expected after the luck of the first, yet the recent season turned into no longer without its controversies. Even ahead of the broadcast, it was revealed that 4Minute’s Jiyoon would be taking part midway in the process the show. many of us wondered if it was important to have not begun every other idol rapper at the display (joining Wonder Girls’ YubinFIESTAR’s Yezi, and Sistar’s Hyorin).

Further along in the show, Rubber Soul’s Kim and EXY also joined the show, raising court cases that they were added when the season was practically complete. Other problems come with the revelation that Ash-B, Heize, Kasper, and Truedy had signed to continue with Mnet after the prove and the “malicious editing” scandal.

The Mnet demonstrate broadcast its final episode on November 13. The winners of the semi-finals, Truedy, KittiB, Sua, and Hyorin, carried out a song called “Confidence” with the singer Gummy. status onstage together, they showed off great chemistry as though they’d been one team all along.

After the performance, the result of the primary circular of vote casting were revealed.

In first position was Truedy, whilst KittiB, Hyorin, and Sua took second, third, and fourth respectively. When the 1st and moment rounds of voting were combined, Truedy took the general crown.

Five K-Drama Kisses That Were Less Than Romantic

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Five K-Drama Kisses That Were Less Than Romantic

At a recent press conference for the completion of "She Was Pretty," Hwang Jung Eum spoke about her kiss scenes with Park Seo Joon. She praised his acting but explained that the kissing was perhaps not as romantic in real life as it looked on the screen. That"s sometimes the case when filming k-dramas.

"Park Seo Joon"s lips are a bit thick," she said. "I told him that I would not do anything when he kissed me because Hye Jin is an innocent character."

He made fun of her. After kissing her he told her that it was like kissing a wall.At least it looked like they were having fun.

Sometimes a kiss scene may be fun for the first few takes but it gets to be work after a while. When 2PM"s Taecyeon filmed a kiss scene with Suzy Bae for "Dream High," it took eight hours to film.

"When I filmed that scene with Suzy, it was my first kiss scene so I worried how I should go about it," said Taecyeon on the TV program "Taxi." "We ended up filming that kiss scene for close to eight hours."

And you may have to kiss for hours in all kinds of weather. That"s what happened to Kim Jae Joong when he was filming the drama "Spy." While he was kissing co-star Go Sung Hee, it started to snow.

"The wind chill was almost negative 20 degrees Celsius and it started snowing all of a sudden," he said.

The director could not have asked for a prettier setting but the conditions made it harder to focus.

"The picture was really pretty," said Kim Jaejoong. "The snow fluttered as if we had planned it. Then huge snowflakes started to fall, followed by rain and then it turned to hail."

And the person you are kissing can get carried away. That"s what happened to Jung Il Woo when he kissed Lee Chung Ah in "Flower Boy Ramen Shop." They were filming a scene in which his character finally realizes his feelings for her. He takes off his motorcycle helmet and pulls her to him, then kisses her so hard that his teeth cut her lip.

(Photo : Flower Boy Ramen Shop)

"I started seeing stars during that kiss scene," said Lee Chung Ah. "I could taste the blood but because the cameras were rolling, I didn"t stop filming. After we stopped, I saw that I was bleeding."

And sometimes directors like to surprise actors with kiss scenes just to get a dramatic reaction.

Park Shin Hye was really surprised when Lee Min Ho kissed her in a scene for "The Heirs." The director had not warned her.

"I was really surprised. While we were shooting the scene, I grabbed Lee Min Ho"s clothes. That"s because I was so surprised, and you can see it in the shot, too."

They were shooting the scene for the first time, and the director said, "This time, you"re going to really kiss."

At that Park was caught off guard and the kiss just happened.

"In the notes, it says "grabs and pulls her chin towards him," and when he actually grabbed my chin and pulled me in, it surprised me."

It did make for a great scene.