Romantic and (Not So) Idol Ends, Season 2 Begins!

Romantic and (Not So) Idol Ends, Season 2 Begins!

Romantic and (Not So) Idol Ends, Season 2 Begins! Romantic and Idol, it had potential from the start, but there were a lot of factors that could have brought it down; happily, it turned out better than expected and will continue with new idols right away. The idols showed a lot more of their personalities than they are able to on scripted variety shows and several people’s images took pretty big hits, which helped prove the lack of manager presence.

As the show gears up for its second season, we can expect another emotional roller-coaster that will keep viewers guessing, cause you to hate idols you thought you liked, and satisfy that romantic inside all of us. There is no doubt that some of the situations were so perfect that they seem staged, or so painfully awkward that you may have wanted to shut off the video, but despite that, and some lulls in certain episodes, it was a show worth watching and worth keeping around for a second season.

Romantic and (Not So) Idol Ends, Season 2 Begins! When the show started, I wrote an article about some of the production company’s claims and about expectations and first impressions. Eight episodes later, I have changed my mind both about the show and about the idols featured on the show so many times that I can barely keep track. At first, the show seemed like it was going to be very unbalanced, especially in terms of screen time wise, because some idols were favored over others by their peers.

However, as the couples were switched up more and more during random couple change games (involving picking a random shirt, necklace or some, for example) screen time was less devoted to a certain person and more to whichever couple was the most romantic. Although seemingly harsh, it stayed true to the concept of the show as being similar to a romantic movie. This did leave the JB and Seung-ah couple in the dust a lot, because even when they werent together as a couple they never did find their feet, romantically, as individuals.

Speaking of JB, he and Mir have shown their personalities in ways that may not be good for their idol reputation, which seems to be part of the purpose of this show. Mir, as mentioned before, has always had problems controlling his mouth, which is part of his charm, but JB doesn’t have a background of unfortunate behavior to back-up his reckless antics on Romantic and Idol. The interesting thing was that they essentially switched roles as the show went on, with Mir switching from being the insensitive, unromantic guy to being a really cute and flustered guy with a crush, whereas JB did exactly the opposite. I hate to say this, but mid-show there was no one I would have rather slapped in the head than JB, after him being my favorite guy candidate in the beginning.

Romantic and (Not So) Idol Ends, Season 2 Begins! With JB proving his immaturity as far as dating goes and Mir saying everything he shouldnt, the other guys hardly needed to do anything to maintain spotless images; but, Jun. K was very open with his personality and showed that he is completely obsessive. Now, this might be seen as a cute, and it certainly makes him seem human, but it seems doubtful that his managers would have wanted his image to include how obsessed he is with girls jumping up and down and the color yellow. Specific example aside, it was clear from the show that he fixates on things and thinks about them continuously, which is simply a personality trait, but not one he seems to be conscious of, so it is not something the fans would have seen on a scripted variety show. Hyung-sik is the only one who comes out unblemished, with nothing to be said about him other than that he seems to be a genuinely sweet, romantic, and thoughtful guy. If you are looking for a new bias, check him out, ladies (and gents).

Romantic and (Not So) Idol Ends, Season 2 Begins! The women maintained neutral images for the entire show, which is impressive considering the circumstances. They were all honest, so don’t mistake them not ruining their image as proof of the show being scripted, they simply seemed to know when to shut up when in front of the other people. Seung-ah went through the most difficulties in the show, hands down, and she maintained impressive composure up until the last episode, when she had an impressive break down. I’m not judging because I would have done the same thing she did, as ashamed as I am to admit it.

The least honest person, to me, seemed to be Hyejeong, because although she ended up with Jun. K, and he seemed to like her a lot, her feelings were always unclear. It may be that she was shy, or that the age difference affected her, but more than once it seemed that she was simply going along with the romance and not feeling it honestly herself. She clearly said in some of her interviews that being with Jun K. was somewhat burdensome, so her choosing him in the end seemed more like a default decision than anything.

Romantic and (Not So) Idol Ends, Season 2 Begins! For Jei it seemed that she just needed to find the right partner to unleash her inner romantic and Ji-hyun, the fated one, proved that she was just that with her honest, but sweet, apprehension at falling for Hyung-sik so obviously. The couples of Mir and Jei and Hyung-sik and Ji-hyun were the ones that felt the most real at the final selection. It was hard to find any alternative motive for their behavior and their body language spoke volumes about how they felt for the other person. Particularly with Hyung-sik running the last stretch to Ji-hyun and Mir having a mental collapse before he could even get to Jei, but then being totally steadfast in his decision to stay with her. If there is a public scandal about either of these couples in the next few months don’t be surprised.

More than anything else, the show as a whole gave a window into how different the genders are in how they think about things and how differently they act because of that. Although there is certainly a cultural aspect to the show for the international audience, as it is Korean vs. Western, the message was still universal that women are steadfast in their love and men are inconsistent in their feelings. The only one exempt from this is Hyung-sik; but let’s be honest, the amazing romance of fate between him and Ji-hyun is not the norm in the real world. In the real world, relationships tend to go more along the lines of Seung-ah and JB’s relationship, with a bad boy who hurts you over and over but you still go back to him.

Romantic and (Not So) Idol Ends, Season 2 Begins! So how do you take such an authentic relationship show and repeat it a second time? This is question came to my mind as soon as it became clear that a second season of the show was in the works. Part of the mystique of the show was how honest the idols were because they didnt always know what to expect, but with the show having aired and idols being able to talk to each other the second season’s participants will already have an idea of whats in store.

The second season is already confirmed with the idols being G.NA, Ye-won of Jewlery, Jiwon of Spica, and Eunyoung of Two X for the women, and Jong-hoon of FT Island, Kevin of ZE:A, Minhyuk of BTOB, and N of VIXX for the guys.

As someone who enjoyed the first season, I am looking forward to more addictive idol romance in the months to come. The participants are of a more similar age range this time, and there is still a mix of well-known and lesser known idols, not to mention some idols I am personally excited about, so the show has all the right ingredients to have another successful run. However, the audiences preconceived notions about how things should play out because of what happened in the first season may color the success of this season, so we will just have to wait and see if the ratings will allow for more extended episodes. I’m not sure if I can handle finding out that Minhyuk is really an inconsiderate bad boy, so let’s hope that doesnt happen.

What did you think of Romantic and Idol, readers? Will you watch season two, as well?



G.NA and F.T. Islands Jonghoon to feature in The Romantic & Idol season 2

G.NA and F.T. Islands Jonghoon to feature in The Romantic & Idol season 2

G.NA and F.T. Island’s Jonghoon to feature in ‘The RomanticIdol’ season 2

The RomanticIdol‘ recently updated fans with sneak peeks from the 2nd season.

Photos of G.NA and F.T. Island‘s Jonghoon featuring in the program were revealed, with both of them smiling and Jongooun holding a bouquet of flowers.

According to ‘The RomanticIdol’ PD Park Sung Jae, “The viewers’ anticipation for the second season is bigger than expected so we will air the revelation of the new members immediately following the first season finale. The second season will follow with the same sweet and romantic atmosphere of its predecessor. The second season will be an upgraded version of the real stories and excitement of dating.”

The new season also has the appearance of G.NAJewelry‘s YewonSPICA‘s Jiwon, and TWO X‘ Eunyoung as well as F.T. Island‘s Jonghun, BtoB‘s MinhyukVIXX‘ N, and ZE:A‘s Kevin.

The first episode of the upcoming season will come out on December 30th!

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‘The Romantic & Idol’ reveals lineup for season 2

‘The Romantic & Idol’ reveals lineup for season 2

The RomanticIdol reveals lineup for season 2

The lineup for the second season of tvNs The RomanticIdol has been revealed!

G.NA, Jewelrys Yewon, SPICAs Jiwon, and TWO X Eunyoung as well as F.T. Islands Jonghun, BtoBs Minhyuk, VIXX N, and ZE:As Kevin are the idols wholl be featured in the new season of the reality series.

A representative from the show commented, Just like the first The RomanticIdol, there was a lot of tension and strong emotions on set. All the [idols] appeared as your average 20-somethings and showed their sincere feelings.

However, it has yet to be decided when the second season will air.

In related news, the first season of the show, featuring 2PMs Jun.K, MBLAQs Mir, JJ Projects JB, ZE:As Hyungsik, 4minutes Jihyun, Rainbows Seung Ah, AoAs Hyejeong, and FIESTARs Jei, will be airing until December 30th.


[Poll] Which Female Idol Big name Will scouse borrow the Scene this Season

[Poll] Which Female Idol Big name Will scouse borrow the Scene this Season

--> Love it or hate it, increasingly idols are being solid in dramas, and in this week’s poll, we’re featuring a couple of feminine idol stars who hope to damage the stereotype of idol actors and win viewers’ hearts this season.

Read on, and let us know which big name you’ll be keeping your eye on by means of voting!

[Poll] Which Female Idol Star Will Steal the Scene this Season?

SISTAR’s Dasom

The SISTAR maknae’s acting resume isn’t long, yet Dasom is already heading into her 2d lead role.

Within 3 years of creating her debut in KBS’ Shut Up Family, Dasom has landed the lead role in KBS’ Melody of Love and, now, KBS’ Eccentric Daughter-In-Law.

The drama is only one episode in, having premiered on August 17, yet Dasom is already unexpected audience with her comedic acting.

[Poll] Which Female Idol Star Will Steal the Scene this Season?

Secret’s Jun Hyo Seong

You know you’re doing anything appropriate if you’re invited back for a 2d season.

Jun Hyo Seong will reprise her role as the ghost prime faculty student in OCN’s Cheo Yong 2.

Despite her idol status, Jun Hyo Seong controlled to convince the reluctant screenwriter to solid her for the primary season, and now audience can sign up for her for a 2d circular when season two premieres on August 23.

[Poll] Which Female Idol Star Will Steal the Scene this Season?

Apink’s Son Na Eun

It’s now no longer each day you get the risk to act along best big name Choi Ji Woo, yet Apink’s Son Na Eun is up for the issue in tvN’s Second 20s.

Son Na Eun will play Oh Hye Mi, the female friend of Choi Ji Woo’s son and…Choi Ji Woo’s school classmate. We can't look ahead to the awkward encounters to come in Choi Ji Woo’s comeback drama about a 38-year-old lady reliving her 20s.

Second 20s is decided to air at the finish of August, following Oh My Ghostess.

[Poll] Which Female Idol Star Will Steal the Scene this Season?

Girl’s Day′s Hyeri

Finally, Girl’s Day’s Hyeri is decided to big name in one of the maximum year’s maximum highly-anticipated dramas, Repply 1988.

The drama has been a hot subject even prior to the solid turned into once confirmed, as it hopes observe in the footstep of the hits that preceded it, Reply 1997 and Reply 1994, which catapulted idols like Apink’s Jung Eun Ji and Tiny G’s Do Hee to the pinnacle in the acting world.

Hyeri’s aegyo took her to the pinnacle of the marketing world, and now, she can try to steal the hearts of audience in Reply 1988.

Reply 1988 is decided to premiere someday in October.

Now it′s time to vote! Which idol big name will steal the show?

Photo credit: KBS, OCN, tvN


Hyungsik, JB, Seung Ah, and Hyejeong have a 'The Romantic & Idol' reunion

Hyungsik, JB, Seung Ah, and Hyejeong have a 'The Romantic & Idol' reunion

ZE:A"s Hyungsik, GOT7"s JB, Rainbow"s Seung Ah, and AOA"s Hyejeong had a "The RomanticIdol" reunion backstage on "Music Core"!

Hyungsik tweeted, "I finished up as the "Music Core" special MC safe and sound today~! But today!! I met up with my "Romantic Idol" members! GOT7"s JB! AOA Hyejeong! Rainbow BLAXX"s Seung Ah! All of their stages are cool, pretty, and sexy no joke!!"

The "romantic" idols gave their thumbs up in gladness to see each other again and looked like a glamorous bunch in their matching black stage outfits. Although they probably aren"t dating in real life, fans were also glad to see that they"re all still close.


Entertainment Idol Acting Idol Now Is The Season For 'All-Purpose' Idols

Entertainment Idol Acting Idol Now Is The Season For 'All-Purpose' Idols

Entertainment Idol? Acting Idol? Now Is The Season For 'All-Purpose' Idols (Photo : Twitter) Until recently, entertainment programs played a very important part in idol singers making their names known. But now a combination of entertainment and acting skills is needed to create this new brand of "all-purpose idols."

The season for an idol singer only shining in music has passed. Now idol singers are making appearances in entertainment shows, dramas, movies, and more. Idol singers who are active in all areas are rising to the spotlight. They have to present their witty banter on entertainment shows, as well as proving their acting skills, even winning acting awards. Not only that, idol singers are playing a big part in entertainment shows that require their body contributions.

ZE:A"s Im Siwan and Park Hyungsik went back and forth from entertainment and acting, and have proven themselves in all areas. Im Siwan starred in 2012 MBC drama "Moon Embracing the Sun" and started his acting career. He became well known to viewers with his appearance in this first work. Afterward, he appeared in various other dramas, such as "Waiting for Love" and showed off his increased acting skills. He also landed a role in The Lawyer, which was released in theaters last December; his appearance in the movie earned him approval from the public as a great actor. He has grown significantly as an actor since he started.

But Im Siwan"s influence doesn"t stop at just acting. He appeared in SBS "Law of the Jungle in Micronesia" and proved his entertainment skills as well. He created a hell for mosquitos, which were bothering his colleagues, in order to allow them to sleep more comfortably. He also supported the show leader and senior colleagues. If before he seemed calm and boring, he certainly changed that view with his appearance on this show.

Park Hyungsik is no different. He starred in SBS drama "Babo Mom," KBS 2TV drama special "Sirius," and cable channel tvN"s "Nine" and has steadily grown as an actor. He was able to showcase his charisma even further in last year"s SBS drama "The Heirs," earning the viewers" love through his charismatic character. His looks enable to showcase his boyish and manly charm. His steady acting skills has earned him a spot right alongside Im Siwan as an acting idol.

What really helped Park Hyungsik showcase his charm was his appearance in MBC entertainment program "Real Man." The show is a program that allows male celebrities to experience military training. Park Hyungsik, who had no previous experience in such area, was added to the show, adding another dimension of interest for the viewers. His ditzy personality, added onto his hard-working determination, pegged him as a "baby soldier." On the show he ate the military food deliciously, and made facial expressions to express the taste. The cute facial images have helped him capture the hearts of older female fans as well. Park Hyungsik"s appearances in dramas and "Real Man" has made him the most popular member within ZE:A.

MBLAQ"s Lee Joon is yet another idol singer that has one foot in entertainment and another in acting. He showed off his wit on MBC "Radio Star," KBS 2TV"s "Happy Together," and "Conditions of Humanity." His 4D charm is especially loved by the public, along with his frankness and show character.

Not only was he funny, but Lee Joon showed a completely different image in his movie appearance. He appeared as Rain"s antagonist in Ninja Assassin. Thereafter he also had roles in Jungle Fish and KBS 2TV"s "Iris 2," where he showed off his sharp acting skills. He was even able to successfully take on the feat of doing a bed scene in Rough Play, which earned him high praise as an actor.

BEAST"s Yoon Doojoon and Lee Kikwang both did well in MBC "Idol Star Athletics" and are currently showing great acting skills. The pair spearheaded the futsal championships in "Idol Star Athletics." Yoon Doojoon, who has middle school soccer experience, showed off his technique in the futsal match, with a heading shot. Lee Kikwang likewise put a goal in during the preliminaries. They proved themselves as athletic idol stars.

Lee Kikwang has appeared in various works, including MBC sitcom "High Kick," drama "My Prince," KBS 2TV "My Friend Is Still Alive." He showcased his cute charm as well as his detailed emotional acting. He"s also been confirmed to appear in SBS" new drama "The God"s Gift" (working title) which is scheduled to air mid-February. He"s grown immensely as an acting idol.

Yoon Doojoon also appeared in numerous works, starting with an MBC sitcom, where he was praised for his natural acting. He then appeared in the movie Marrying the Mafia 5 and worked with very experienced senior actor. He also showcased some action genre skills with his appearance in KBS 2TV"s "Iris 2." Although he did receive some negative feedback on his emotional acting, he is successfully pulling off his role in cable channel tvN drama "Let"s Eat" as a mysterious character. He"s expected to continue grow and become an even more of a successful acting idol.


PSY to Perform at the Finale of American Idol Season 12

PSY to Perform at the Finale of American Idol Season 12

PSY to Perform at the Finale of “American Idol” Season 12 K-Pop’s unexpected idol will crash the “American Idol” stage in just a few days!

PSY is currently in the U.S. busy promoting his followup track to the viral hit “Gangnam Style.” Titled “Gentleman,” the song brought a handful of controversies immediately after release including the banning of his music video from being aired on Korea’s public television to being labeled the “Herpes of Music” from the front man of American punk band Green Day.

However, he’s had better days as his father received an award in his place, attended a party with Beyonce and Gwyneth Paltrow, chatted it up with Google’s executive chairman, and taught Kelly and Michael how to dance.

Now he’ll add another accomplishment to his list and perform “Gentleman” at the finale of “American Idol” on May 16 in Los Angeles, California (local time). This is great news for the singer as the finale is expected to draw many Americans to their television sets. Last year, Beyonce and Lady Gaga were the special performers of the night.

Since its first season in 2002, “American Idol” has become a representative audition program in the United States finding talented potentials like Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood and Adam Lambert, who later became acknowledged as singers.

 PSY to Perform at the Finale of “American Idol” Season 12


17-Member Idol Group 'Seventeen,' 'Seventeen TV Season 2' Rises in Popularity

17-Member Idol Group 'Seventeen,' 'Seventeen TV Season 2' Rises in Popularity

seventeen, seventeen tv

17-Member Idol Group 'Seventeen,' 'Seventeen TV Season 2' Rises in Popularity seventeen tv season 2 popularThe biggest 17-membered idol group made up of average of 17-year-old members 'Seventeen' has been rising in popularity through 'Seventeen TV Season 2' in foreign countries, revealing their potential to become a global idol group.

'Seventeen TV Season 2' is aired twice a week through a video streaming website, and it has been found not only by Korean fans but also fans in Philippines, Thailand, and Austrailia.

The TV show even led to the creation of fan clubs in foreign countries, and even though the group had not made their official debut yet, they have been scouted by several programs to come out to their shows.

Seventeen is the nation's largest idol group who gets trained as artists through 'Seventeen TV' in the form of a CCTV, and the average of the ages of the members is 17. 'Seventeen TV' is aired every Wednesday and Saturday night.

Photo Credit: Seventeen


VIXX’ N and TWO X’ Eunyoung reunite after ‘The Romantic & Idol’

VIXX’ N and TWO X’ Eunyoung reunite after ‘The Romantic & Idol’

VIXX N and TWO X Eunyoung reunite after The RomanticIdol

VIXX N and TWO X Eunyoung reunited after appearing on the second season of tvNs The RomanticIdol together.

On February 17th, N shared a picture from their reunion by tweeting, Eunyoung!! Hi!!! @.@!!!!! Oppa doesnt hate you~~ You know that right??!! Its nice to see you that we get to do promotions together~~~

The picture showed N and Eunyoung looking friendly as they posed for the camera. N made a playful expression as he pointed to Eunyoungs face.

On the past season of The RomanticIdol Eunyoung had picked N as her final decision but failed to become a couple because N had picked SPICAs Jiwon as his final choice. This seems to be the reason why N said, Oppa doesnt hate you.

Meanwhile, the two should have quite a few more run-ins in the future as VIXX promotes their On and On and TWO X promotes their new single, Ring Ma Bell.

Source+Picture: Ns Twitter


G.NA sheds tears on ‘The Romantic & Idol’

G.NA sheds tears on ‘The Romantic & Idol’

G.NA sheds tears on The RomanticIdol

G.NA shed tears on The RomanticIdol.

The members of season 2 made their final choices on the 10th. During the entire season, G.NA had shown her interest in F.T. Islands Jonghoon. However, Jonghoon was more interested in Jewelrys Yewon, and turned away from G.NAs feelings.

G.NA was visibly disappointed during the semifinal choices and the dates. In the end, she didnt receive a vote from the male cast, and couldnt help but burst into tears. She said, I dont even know why Im crying To tell you the truth, Im soft-hearted, spilling tears.

In the end, the final couple was Yewon and BTOBs Minhyuk.

You can check out the segment around the 21:00 mark below.

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