The Relationship Between Kim Won Hae, Park Bo Young And Park Hyung Sik Revealed

The Relationship Between Kim Won Hae, Park Bo Young And Park Hyung Sik Revealed

Just recently, Kim Won Hae took the chance to talk about his previous working experience with Park Bo Young and Park Hyung Sik, as they worked together in “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon”. In the interview, Kim Won Hae reveals that everything went pretty well with his relationship with Park Bo Young.

The actor says that he can’t help but be awed with how Park Hyung Sik manages her level of professionalism. He also says that he initially wondered who Park Hyung Sik when he watched “Scandal Makers”, a movie which stars Park Bo Young.

Kim Won Hae then adds that Park Bo Young reminds him of his daughter because her daughter was born premature and because of it, she has a small stature. The actor compares Park Bo Young to her daughter because the two resembles each other.

With this, one can clearly see that he treats Park Bo Young as like her own daughter too. On the other hand, Kim Won Hae says that the first time that he saw Park Hyung Sik was in “Nine: 9 Times Time Travel”, a drama series.

According to Soompi, Kim Won Hae jokingly says that he was surprised to know that Park Hyung Sik was a Korean idol because he didn’t know his name in the past. However, he says that Park Hyung Sik is now a very professional and respectable actor and that he loved working with him.

According to Korea Portal, Kim Won Hae even confirms that his daughter idolizes Park Hyung Sik, and are probably even in love with him. With all of these being said, their latest drama series, “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon”, is surely composed of high-level and professional actors and actresses.

It’s safe to say that this will be marked as one of the highest-grossing Korean drama series.