The Reason Why KNK Pays Homage To Highlight

The Reason Why KNK Pays Homage To Highlight

Hit K-pop boy group, KNK, has just been reported to be up for a comeback. However, their comeback is not a common one because they will be paying homage to well-known K-pop boy group, Highlight. Reports say that the homage will be in the form of their song’s choreography.

According to Soompi, the group has also just released the latest details about their upcoming album’s lead track entitled, “Sun, Moon, Star”. Reports have it that the producer of the song is a well-known composer, Kim Tae Joo.

Kim Tae Joo has been a close friend and mentor of the group as he has been working with them since their first album. It is also reported that the lyrics of the song will be revolving around the sad and lonely feeling that brokenhearted people will experience when they part ways with their loved ones, which is also referred to as the sun, the moon, and the stars.

However, what makes it really exciting is that Kim Ji Hoon, the leader of the KNK, is the one responsible for the choreography of their upcoming album’s lead track song. According to All K-pop, the song’s choreography will be paying homage to Highlight’s popular song entitled, “Ribbon”.

It is said that the group has always looked up to Highlight, which is why they are also considered as their idols in one way. Kim Ji Hoon further says that he did the best of what he can to show to the world that the dancing style of KNK has improved and has a fresh and uniquely new style to it.

With all of these being said, it is highly likely that KNK will reach another successful milestone when “Sun, Moon, Star” gets released. For sure, it will top the music charts both locally and internationally. They sure have what it takes.