The Reason Behind FIESTAR And VIXX Ban By KBS And Kpop Tunes

The Reason Behind FIESTAR And VIXX Ban By KBS And Kpop Tunes

News broke out that some of the songs of hit K-pop groups, FIESTAR and VIXX, has just been banned by KBS Entertainment and Kpop Tunes. Reports state that there is a total of three new songs that were added to the ban list.

Reports have it that the new track of Gummy, as well as FIESTAR’s Yezi are all banned by the respective TV networks. There is also news that even the latest song of VIXX was also included in the banned list. This is because the said songs are reported to be unfit to be performed in front of a lot of people. Because of this, the songs of the respective artists wouldn’t be aired in the network’s programs.

KBS Entertainment is known to be strict when it comes to putting restrictions on certain kinds of music and music videos. Because of this, there are already a lot of music videos that weren’t shown on its variety programs.

To prove the strict regulations of KBS Entertainment, there were even a lot of times when the network has denied even some of the most famous artists and musician in South Korea of airing their music video on their network.

KBS banned the pre-released song of Gummy entitled, “A Knowing”. Even the song of FIESTAR’s Yezi entitled, “Anck Su Namum” and VIXX’s “Black Out” are included in the list of banned songs.

According to Korea Portal, The solo track of FIESTAR’s Yezi didn’t pass the standards of KBS’ broadcast inspection. The reason behind this is reported to be due to the curse words that are present in the lyrics of the songs. There were also a number of derogatory terms that were uttered in the song.

Then there’s the “Blackout” song which featured sensitive intimate relations of a man and a woman.