The princes of ‘Lipstick Prince 2’ look back on their debut days!

The princes of ‘Lipstick Prince 2’ look back on their debut days!

On the May 25 broadcast of OnStyle’s ‘Lipstick Prince 2’, the princes, or cast members, carried out victory ceremonies and loser penalties by looking back on their debut days!

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Last week, the cast divided into two teams, and the losing team had to come to the set this week wearing the outfits they wore for their debut stage! The losing team consisted of NCT’s Johnny, SF9’s Rowoon, VIXX’s N, and H.O.T’s Tony An. MC Super Junior’s Heechul and the winning team, however, noted that Johnny, Rowoon, and N’s outfits weren’t very penalty-like! All of the hoobaes gave Tony An a standing ovation for his famous debut outfit from “Candy”.

Meanwhile, the winning team, consisting of MC Heechul, BTOB’s Eunkwang, MONSTA X’s Shownu, and Block B’s P.O, celebrated their victory by revealing their debut photos! Contrary to the members’ worries that this was more of a penalty than a victory ceremony, each of the idols displayed their charms from their debut days.

Do you remember all these boys’ debuts?

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